Golden Gnomes Cashout Game

It is unlikely that experienced users making money on the Internet can be surprised by the fact that there are special games in which you can invest and make money.

There are quite a few quality projects, such as


but it is better to use as many sources of profit as possible.

The Golden Gnomes game is almost the same as its counterparts and in many ways resembles a project. Here you also need to hire gnomes who extract resources, and you sell these resources and get money. The return on investment is not high, but the money is fairly and quickly paid.

Golden Gnomes Cashout Game

The game is closed!

Play Golden Gnomes and earn money

After registering for the project, you are free will provide the cheapest gnome that will start collecting crystals. The profit from it will be too small, so immediately replenish the balance by at least 100 rubles.

You can make deposits via

or Webmoney. At the first installment bonus is set + 50% of the amount.

When money appears on the balance sheet, buy the first gnomes. The more you spend, the more profit your character will have:

Golden Gnomes Cashout Game

If you are ready to invest a decent amount, you can immediately buy a New Year's gnome, which brings more than 19,000 crystals:

Golden Gnomes Cashout Game

Silver exchange rate is 1 ruble per 100 coins, so the New Year dwarf will cost you 2,150 rubles.

Collecting crystals is easy. The dwarfs on the machine will get them, and you will need to go to the appropriate section and press one button:

Golden Gnomes Cashout Game

Then you need to exchange the crystals for silver, and you can do it in the section "Sell crystals ":

Golden Gnomes Cashout Game

Of the amount of silver you get 30% of the balance for withdrawal, the rest goes to the account for purchases so that you can develop your source of profit. You can take money on Payeer or Webmoney.

What else is interesting about Golden Gnomes?

  • daily bonus (10-100 coins);
  • risk bonus (-200 or +200 silver);
  • car racing game (money betting);
  • wheel of fortune (you can win silver or characters);
  • lottery (with 500 top places , 250 and 200 silver);
  • auction (you need to interrupt the bidders of other participants);
  • exchanger (give 1 silver from the balance for withdrawal and get 1. 3 silver to the balance for purchases);
  • referral system (+10 silver for registration and 20% of deposits);
  • referrals contest (main prize 20,000 rubles);
  • accumulative bank (the ability to get 5% of all player deposits per day).

The Golden Gnomes game exists for just over a month, but many already know about it. You can be sure that the project is of high quality, payments are guaranteed. The mere function of withdrawing and depositing funds through Webmoney already speaks volumes.

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