Gold Monopoly game without points with money withdrawal

Neither games can and should make money. There are many conflicting opinions on this topic.

I myself did not believe that such projects could be profitable. But I was convinced of the opposite and for a long time now I have been receiving a steady income from various projects. Recently met another interesting and profitable game.

The investment game review without points deserves your attention. There are no restrictions on withdrawal of funds. You get everything that manages to accumulate on the balance sheet. The best conditions, moreover, money pays off quickly. Create your monopoly, buy a business, get passive income.

Gold Monopoly game without points with money withdrawal

Gold Monopoly game guide for beginners

The easiest way to talk about any project, presenting instructions for working with him.

The Gold Monopoly interface is intuitive, but only for those who have already registered on similar sites. All the rest will help our instructions. The game is young, total payments of a little more than 70 000 rubles, but the most important thing is that the project pays.

How to replenish the balance?

Depositing funds into the game is not necessary, as there are different bonuses and one way to make money. We will tell about it below. The minimum deposit is 10 rubles, replenishment is available from different electronic accounts. It is advisable to use Payeer, then there will be an additional bonus of 15%:

Gold Monopoly game without points with money withdrawal

Regardless of the method chosen, a 5% bonus is set on the first deposits. Therefore, it is better to immediately make a large amount. Each ruble will bring 100 silver, the cost of buildings begins with 1000 silver.

How to buy a building?

To offer users different investment conditions, the administration offers 15 different types of buildings. These can be corporations, factories and plants. No product comes from them, immediately everything is converted into silver. Conveniently, you can buy at once several types of one business:

Gold Monopoly game without points with money withdrawal

Funds are collected at any time, this is done in the "My buildings" section. The resulting income in the game currency is divided equally between your two accounts:

Gold Monopoly game without points with money withdrawal

Please note, you can sell the purchased business, only its price is gradually decreasing. The cost of sale depends on how many days of work remains in the business. All buildings are 45 days.

How to withdraw money?

Recall once again that this is a game without payment points. Therefore, you do not need to invite anyone here, you can immediately order payments from the balance for withdrawal. This site has the widest selection of withdrawal methods:

  • Payeer;
  • QIWI;
  • Yandex. Money;
  • Beeline;
  • Megaphone;
  • MTS;
  • Tele2;
  • VISA / Mastercard / Maestro;
  • OkPay.

First, check which commission is set up on these methods in order to choose the most suitable option. For example, if you use a transfer to a bank card in Russia, the commission will be 7% and 50 rubles.

Gold Monopoly is simple, but very interesting. Buy all types of business, you will receive the maximum deductions. The conditions are favorable, the payments are stable, you can start without any investments at all.

What is interesting about Gold Monopoly?

For most newbies, the most important thing is that you don’t need to invite anyone to order payments. Points and other pitfalls really do not, but there are many other advantages that you will definitely appreciate.

Earnings without investing in the game Monopoly

In addition to the gift that you will receive for registration (1000 ser.), There is also a daily bonus. He will have to collect several times to have enough to buy the building. Much easier to use surfing sites. The resulting profit is equal to the balance replenishment:

Gold Monopoly game without points with money withdrawal

For visiting sites, small amounts are transferred to the balance for purchases. We'll have to spend a lot of time on all this, but the start without any investment at all.

Affiliate Program

It is even easier to collect a decent amount in order to start without investments through an affiliate program. The administration gives up to 30% of replenishment at 6 levels. In addition, gives 1 penny for the transitions on the ref. links and 250 silver for each registration (just don’t try to wind them up, this is followed):

Gold Monopoly game without points with money withdrawal

If the players you have invited will actively replenish balances for large sums, you will see opportunity to win a referral contest. Now for the first place in it give 15 000 rubles. Each ruble is one point (not a payment, they are used only to determine the winner).

Profitable reinvestment

Do not chase a quick profit, money must be constantly scrolled to create a source of large passive income.In the game Gold Monopoly, part of the money goes to the balance for withdrawal, and if you transfer silver to the account for purchases from it, get 10% above:

Gold Monopoly game without points with money withdrawal

Apparently, the game will work for a long time, so for sure it makes sense to reinvest the money received. Buy as many buildings as possible, for a life of 45 days they pay off with great returns.

Invest in other money-withdrawing games. A competent investor always allocates his capital to several projects.

Starting to play Gold Monopoly is simple, and most importantly, this is a proven site, thousands of people received payments from it. Forget about all doubts, try to start from scratch, money is not superfluous.

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