Gold for sale in the game - Legend Legacy of the Dragons

You can get money and have fun at the same time in different ways, but the best of them is the use of games.

Our website has a list of cash-withdrawal games that show projects with a built-in output function. They are extremely simple and they need deposits, but you can earn income from any other online game.

Earnings in the game are used by a huge number of fans of this project.

There are no tools for withdrawing funds, but the game currency, things and characters are in demand. You will play an interesting game, and the more valuable things you accumulate, the more you will receive from their sale .

Gold for sale in the game - Legend Legacy of the Dragons

Gold for sale in the game - Legend legacy of dragons

The game is really interesting, and you can play it not only from your computer. Developers have long been offering mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Therefore, you will be able to play, being anywhere, and save up game currency or valuables, for further sale. I would just like to say that finding customers is not so easy, because there are quite a few people who want to earn money on this.

Gold for sale in the game - Legend Legacy of the Dragons

Unique battles, a huge virtual world, many quests, character pumping, a wide variety of attributes - all this awaits you in this wonderful game.

After playing only a few hours, you will not be able to tear yourself away, and most importantly, you won’t waste your time.

How should you play Legend of the Legacy of Dragons?

In order to receive decent money from this game, you will need to actively save gold coins, as well as try to get unique items.

Things gather in a special backpack, and you will be able to evaluate them by comparing the characteristics and leaving only the most necessary: ​​

Gold for sale in the game - Legend Legacy of the Dragons

Quickly assemble a large collection of powerful weapons, armor and other attributes are not so simple, you first need to pump the character. It is also hard to save gold, so you’ll need tips:

  • take several quests at the same time to perform them in parallel;
  • put things to order in isolated areas;
  • help in the quests of other players gives additional income;
  • take part in lotteries;
  • participate in the registration of clans;
  • be careful, there are many things in caches;
  • learn different professions;
  • participate in battles with worthy opponents.

All this will help you to quickly save game currency, as well as to increase the level of the character, on which the main income depends.

Where to sell gold, characters, gear?

There is no official exchange for this game, but there are many different sites on which you can place an ad. It is not difficult to find them, just enter the name of the game in the search engine and " sell gold / pers / things " and get a large list of different resources.

It would not be amiss to place ads on the best gaming forums:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

If you have a really valuable product, you can easily find a buyer, especially since thousands of players spend real money inside the game every day.


is designed so that everyone can put up for sale their game characters, game gold and other digital goods.

Most importantly, after you find a buyer, do not enter into direct deals with him, as this may be a scam. Use the services of a guarantor () to honestly conduct exchanges.

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