Gold Eggs - earnings on eggs to 6. 39 million rubles (scam)

Playing a game and getting money for it does not seem realistic, but in fact, with this approach, many already make substantial profits. To do this, you need to use special economic games, where there is a withdrawal function.
They don’t have to sit at the computer for hours; it’s enough to visit your account at least once a month.

Investment game with withdrawal without Gold Eggs points is rapidly gaining momentum. Unlike scam, they do not offer 100% profit per day, and it is not necessary to attract referrals. Given the marketing, the project has a great future.

The developers worked hard and created a unique game.

Gold Eggs - earnings on eggs to 6. 39 million rubles (scam)


How do you make money with Gold Eggs?

You may have heard about earnings on eggs. In many games such a plot is used. The Gold Eggs project is no exception, 12 levels are bought here, they carry golden eggs. From their sale, investors receive a profit. How much money you get depends on the initial investment.

When registering, they give a small bonus, you can use it to buy the first bird, but you still have to make a deposit. A gift of only 1,000 gold, and to buy a cheap chicken, you need 5,000 coins (150 rubles).

Therefore, at a minimum, you need to invest 120 rubles to start earning. Account replenishment is carried out in different ways:

Gold Eggs - earnings on eggs to 6. 39 million rubles (scam)

For each deposited 30 rubles you will be credited with 1000 gold . When funds appear on the game balance, you will need to go to the store and select the feathered characters. The more expensive they are, the more profitable:

Gold Eggs - earnings on eggs to 6. 39 million rubles (scam)

Only 4 levels are represented in the image, and there are only 12 of them. The description of chickens shows how much they cost and how much they bring per month. Also listed profit with turbo mode. It costs 10% of the price of a chicken and brings 100% more eggs. Below is a table of this mode:

Gold Eggs - earnings on eggs to 6. 39 million rubles (scam)

If you have a small start-up capital, do not worry. Buy chickens of the first level, then it can be raised. The cost of raising the level is indicated in the following table:

Gold Eggs - earnings on eggs to 6. 39 million rubles (scam)

With a feathered character of level 12, the monthly profit is almost 6. 4 million rubles. Regardless of the level of chickens, you need to collect eggs in the hen house, and then sell them on the market. For every 12 eggs 1 coin is paid:

Gold Eggs - earnings on eggs to 6. 39 million rubles (scam)

Safely invest money in your chicken farm, if you don’t like something, then within a month the administration is ready to return 100% of the amount . Although reviews of Gold Eggs prove that this is an honest and profitable project, hardly anyone decides to take advantage of the return.

How to make money on Gold Eggs without investments?

To not have to invest your money, use an affiliate program. At the moment, 1,700 participants have registered in the game, which is a very small indicator for an economic game.

Get your unique link in the "Referral Network" section and start distributing it by any means:

Gold Eggs - earnings on eggs to 6. 39 million rubles (scam)

All ways to recruit referrals are allowed, 10 are charged on their deposits % To buy a chicken at least 1 level, it’s enough to invite just one person who will replenish his balance for 1200 rubles. Although you can not spend money on chickens, just ordering payments.

How much can you earn on Gold Eggs?

If you attract referrals, the income will be unlimited. The more deposits you can attract, the higher the profit. Unfortunately, the affiliate program is 1 level, so you have to work actively and look for investors, not other partners.

It is easier to calculate the profitability of this site, based on the data on hens in the store. We strongly recommend the use of turbo mode, because it is cheap, and profitability increases by 2 times. Consider a specific example with level 5 chicken:

Gold Eggs - earnings on eggs to 6. 39 million rubles (scam)

By investing 12,150 rubles, you will receive 2,181 p. per month. Full payback in 5. 5 months. If you connect a turbo mode for 1 month for this chicken, it will cost 1,215 rubles, and the income will rise by 2181 rubles, that is, almost 1,000 rubles more will come out of the same chicken in 30 days.

Obviously, the turbo mode is really beneficial and must be connected. It is advisable to activate it every month in order not to lose additional profits, but here you can already see yourself, you can invest in raising the level of chickens.

Withdrawing money from the game Gold Eggs

To order a payment from this site, it is enough to collect 30 rubles on the balance sheet for withdrawal (1000 gold). Before submitting your application, go to "My Details" and connect your wallet:

Gold Eggs - earnings on eggs to 6. 39 million rubles (scam)

The payment period is 24 hours, but in practice it takes less time. The following payment types are available for withdrawal:

  • ;
  • (WMR or WMZ);
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

No points you need to collect to order a translation from the game. Points do not apply here, there are no other pitfalls.

Investors and partners feel comfortable at Gold Eggs, conditions for everyone are acceptable, although they do not promise huge profits with minimal expenses. Try to play on this site, taking into account the fact that deposits are returned within a month, you risk nothing.

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