Gold Airlines Investment Game (closed)

Contributions via the Internet are suspicious to many users, but if you are suspicious of all projects, you can miss a really profitable opportunity to earn decent money.

In this article we will tell you about one new project with which you can really invest a little money profitably.

The investment game Gold Airlines has appeared quite recently, but new users are actively registered in it. Do you know why the popularity of this system increases with great speed? Because here you can invest any amount (from 100 rubles) and passively receive a steady income.

Gold Airlines Investment Game (closed)

The game has closed!

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Play and earn with Gold Airlines

The essence of the game is to open your hangar and fill it with various planes. You become the owner of the aircraft, and it brings you profit by transporting passengers. Of course, all this happens in the virtual world, but the money you get is real.

The first step to use the project is to register. Even a beginner can pass it, the standard form:

Gold Airlines Investment Game (closed)

When you register and enter your profile, fill in your payment details. The project only works with two types of e-currency - this is Payeer and QIWI, any of these wallets can be specified within the account:

Gold Airlines Investment Game (closed)

Depositing and withdrawing funds is carried out only through these payment systems. There is no minimum amount when making a deposit, but in order to buy at least the cheapest plane, you need to make a contribution of 100 rubles:

Gold Airlines Investment Game (closed)

The cost of first class transport is 119 rubles, but at first depositing funds, a bonus of 25% is charged, so 100 rubles is enough. In addition, you can save a little, if you first collect a daily bonus for several days.

The button to get it is in your profile:

Gold Airlines Investment Game (closed)

This bonus will not bring you more than 2 rubles, but due to this you can collect a small amount. When you start making profits from your aircraft, do not rush to withdraw it. If you use this money for the purchase of other vehicles, you will receive a 15% bonus.

To earn even more on Gold Airlines, you can invite your friends into the game. With the funds invested by them, you will be charged 8% each, they can also be withdrawn or used for purchases within the game.

From the work of the aircraft money is not automatically credited to the balance, so you will need to periodically go into your profile and click the "Collect" button:

Gold Airlines Investment Game (closed)

This action is necessary to produce both in his own and in the partner hangar, where charges will come from involved users.

Well, if the game seems boring to you, at any moment you can go to the waiting room and play KNB with other users:

Gold Airlines Investment Game (closed)

You can connect to created games or create your own games, indicating any bet. In addition to the fact that it is interesting, with the help of this game you can quickly increase your balance, the most important thing is not to flirt, because money can and lose.

Did the Gold Airlines game interest you? Then be sure to visit other investment games -, or. These projects have been working for a long time and they are proven, so investing money, you can not even worry about the fact that you get a profit.

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