Gogetlinks or Sape, which is better? What links are better to buy?

Webmasters promote their websites in different ways, but absolutely everyone is engaged in buying links.

When buying a reference mass, you have to get up before choosing, use temporary links, or spend money on posting perpetual links. This has long been debated, and it may be difficult to choose the appropriate option.

Gogetlinks or Sape, which is better? In this case, we consider these systems precisely by the type of links provided, that is, eternal and temporary. There are advantages when using each system, so it is impossible to point to a specific resource.

We will try to consider the choice of the type of links from different sides, so that you can build your opinion about their purchase.

Gogetlinks or Sape, which is better? What links are better to buy?

Which links are better to buy?

If we consider the price issue, here is an interesting situation. For the purchase of a link with a TIC of about 400, Gogetlinks will have to pay about 500 rubles, while Sape will have to pay a monthly fee of about 10 rubles. For the year you spend 120 rubles, and spending 500 rubles will take more than 4 years.

Do you think nothing will change during this time? Most likely there will be changes, not only in the area of ​​optimization, but also with the sites where you purchased links. Some of them can simply close, some materials will fly out of the index, and so on. Based on this, temporary links are better, and accordingly it is better to use Sape.

But there is also a reverse side of temporary links, because when buying them, there is also a possibility that the webmaster will remove the link and the weight will cease to be transmitted.

You say, so what, I’ll stop paying for it and buy other links? The fact is that search engines have a negative attitude towards this and a constant change of donors can be an indicator for additional checks.

In addition, when ordering temporary links, they are installed in a separate block, and using perpetual links, they can be correctly written into the text. The naturalness of links is also an important point, because search engines are increasingly talking about the use of sanctions for artificially building links.

Gogetlinks or Sape, which is better? What links are better to buy?

Where is it better to sell links?

As for the gains from earning on selling links, the Gogetlinks exchange is undoubtedly in the lead. Why? Because it is better to immediately make a profit and not worry that something can happen to your resource. They pay for temporary links gradually, and if something happens to the site (for example, it goes under the AGS), then there will be no income.

In this case, it is very important to be engaged not in one project, but in several at once and constantly create something new with the funds received.

So, after a good development of the resource and the sale of many eternal links, you will get a good income and you can direct it to the development of other sites, with more relevant topics, new content, interesting and modern design, and so on.

The only plus in the case of selling temporary links is the ability to remove them if necessary, but not the fact that after removing the links you will still be able to remove the site from the filters.

Now you know a little more about temporary and eternal links, which means you can draw your own conclusions about the advisability of using them.

Before you make the final choice, be sure to consider your goals - if you plan to develop a quality resource that will work for many years, then most likely, perpetual links will be the best option for you.

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