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Teaser advertising was used long before the advent of the Internet, and quite successfully. The reason is simple - it does not impose information about the product, but uses human curiosity so that people themselves would like to receive this information. The Internet, as usual, took the old idea and reworked it for themselves. The result was teaser networks, which are quite naturally gaining increasing popularity every year - traditional banners have long become familiar, so few people now pay attention to them.

We will talk about one of these networks today.

Get-Click. Net has been working since 2010 - given the competition in this business, this is already a good recommendation. What makes it stand out against the general background?

First of all, by taking care of one’s own image, which is manifested in a strict approach to the selection of advertisers. That is, in order to advertise here, it is not enough just to register with the service and pay a certain amount of money. First, the network avoids overloading certain areas - for example, advertisers associated with diets, at the same time can be no more than one or two. Secondly, get-click. Net does not accept certain types of advertisements by default - for example, porn sites are not very welcome here, they mislead teasers and ads peppered with capital letters and exclamation marks. The potential advertiser must first talk with the manager - if the subject is free and does not go against the principles of Get-Click. net, all right.

However, the approach to advertising sites is no less tough - they are constantly moderated and promptly cut off those where the activity of bots is detected. It may even seem to someone that in this regard the network behaves even too harshly, but everything is quite natural - the owners put quality above the quantity and do everything possible to ensure quality traffic. Hence, the relatively high price for an advertising click on the Russian Federation - from 1.9 rubles.

In addition, the service is constantly evolving and expanding its target audience - for example, along with the recent processing of the engine, women's websites have appeared on the network.

What do we have in the end?

Get-Click. net offers favorable conditions for both advertisers and webmasters. The first ones get a guarantee that they will be almost the only ones in their direction (and therefore their CTR also rises), that they get traffic only from high-quality sites with a large number of unique visitors, and the second - that they will not have teasing looking teasers on their site , daring visitors. Well, do not forget about the high price per click.

As for comparison with competitors, get-click. net is captivating, on the one hand, with a more diverse target audience than with specialized networks like Ladycash, and on the other hand, with the fact that you will not be the hundredth advertiser on your subject, as is the case at Marketgid.

In other words - a serious advertisement for those who do not wish to use dirty methods. Commendable.

P. S. Refka in the post is not mine. To whom it is important that I was a referrer, we write to the mail.

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