Get backlinks using Google+ - Profit Hunter

Get backlinks using Google+ - Profit Hunter

Google+ is a powerful tool for modern Internet marketing and a great way to get backlinks that are perceived by both Yandex and PS Google. But how to make the users of this social network bring more and more backlinks? Below, we’ll provide a brief sequence of actions to get a loyal and maximum target audience of Google+, which will be ready to share your content for free.

Due to the emergence of more and more advanced algorithms that fight SEO links, the relevance of traffic and backlinks from social networks is increasing. Signals coming from them to search engines are considered the most natural and high-quality. Consequently, the Internet resource quoted by users of social networks is also of interest to search engines.

What is Google+ and how does it help in promoting

Google+ appeared in 2012 as a platform for searching and identifying people in different thematic circles (acquaintances, family, partners, friends, etc. .), as well as further interaction with them online and offline. It provides for the possibility of following (like Twitter). Subscriptions can be mutual, and the more your interests coincide with the interests of those you subscribe to, the more followers you get. We will use all these functions (circles, subscriptions, etc.) below.

However, only to acquire a large subscriber base for the promotion of your Internet project is not enough here. It is forbidden to send news in large quantities here: it is necessary to create small circles of users, and to conduct newsletters on these circles already. In addition, Google+ takes into account the degree of virality of the entries, i.e., their virality. If the activity after posting is small, the system limits the number of people to whom you can send news. In this way, Google is fighting spam.

What to do with the database so that it actively distributes your content and links? It is necessary to increase its involvement. How to do this, we describe below.

Case for the promotion of a Google+ account

In order for the link to be taken into account by search engines, it is important to ensure the virality of the post in which it is located. That is, we need to collect the maximum number of pros, reposts, comments. This, in turn, requires a loyal and interested audience. The algorithm for obtaining it looks like this.

  1. We create the page itself, design it: make a unique header, fill it with content that is useful for Central Asia. The more relevant it is, the more willing people will be to sign up for an account.
  2. We find thematic communities or popular personalities in Google, which are signed by users from our Central Asia. Of course, they will not be as targeted as possible, but then we will be able to segment subscribers and highlight the most active ones. For all of them you need to create a circle and add it there. You can call it "Primary Circle" or something else. Up to 5 thousand users can be put in circles. Some percentage of them will add you to yourself.
  3. To separate mutual users from non-reciprocal, for the first ones we will create a separate circle and name it, for example, "Subscribers".
  4. At the same time, we create other circles and we will add to them people from the "Subscribers" of 490 people or less. This needs to be done in order to further send notifications to small groups: Google prevents spam by prohibiting mass mailing. Thus, for each mutual follower, we define 2 circles: "Subscribers" and "Subscribers N" (N is the sequence number of the group).
  5. After collecting and dividing the database, you can start posting in groups. The post is launched 1 time for each circle "N subscribers" using the notification function of participants. Please note that your followers are still "cold" traffic, which should be handled carefully, sending only the most interesting and valuable announcements of your site publications. Remember that Google doesn’t "digest" spamming.

Get backlinks using Google+ - Profit Hunter

  1. Of those people who were active (put up pluses, reposts, comments), we form another circle, which we call, for example, "Active" .
  2. From it we do the posting of subsequent posts, which subsequently gain more social signals than when posting on a cold base.

Thus, we get loyal users, who can then be converted into active buyers / customers of goods and services (your or affiliate), and free natural links, which are well perceived by Yandex and the global search giant - Google .

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