Get 100% of bids all September - Profit Hunter

Get 100% of bids all September - Profit Hunter

About a month ago we successfully held our first big competition and now we decided to please our present and future adverts with a new attractive action.

Her conditions are simple. During September we set 100% rate for all old and new accounts. This means that all of September you get 100% of the revenue for each click, and we remain without profit at this time. To participate in the promotion, you do not need to do anything special - you just need to drain SE traffic to an account in the Rivaclick system. com.

For those who have forgotten our main advantages, I’m happy to remind them:

Rivaclick is:

- Payments on request without delay

- Beautiful and flexible graphic feed for your doorways on profiles

- All promotional materials

necessary for integration - High bids in combination with an excellent account of clicks

- High base rate on accounts

- Full set of feed providers

- Our programmers are always ready to add (if possible) those tools that you need

If you have not registered yet us, do it right now: https: // w ww. rivaclick. com / register. html

If you stream traffic through mFeed, then to work with Rivaclick you just need to download the new version of mFeed, which supports our affiliate program.

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