Geotargeting cheats. Wmmail job geotargeting

A huge number of people use click sponsors every day for various types of cheats.

Mailers are ideally suited for cheap cheats, and thanks to geo-targeting, you can get your target audience. For example, many are interested in how to wind members into a Vkontakte group from a certain city; this is possible via Wmmail.

Cheating with Wmmail geo-targeting allows attracting performers from many cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Naturally, the larger the city, the more performers you can find. In this article, we will describe how you can make high-quality cheats, taking into account the regions.

When creating a new task, for example, based on user cheat for the Vkontakte public, you can specify a filter by geo-targeting. It is located among the other settings of the task:

Geotargeting cheats. Wmmail job geotargeting

Click the "Configure" link, after which a window opens with a list of countries, and you can tick a box next to each of them to select:

Geotargeting cheats. Wmmail job geotargeting

As you can see, from the first four countries there are the most performers, so it is better to choose them. If you set too hard settings, for example, select a city or country with less than 100 participants, you can never get a single execution.

We have already said that you can target by city, for this you need to click the plus under the first four countries:

Geotargeting cheats. Wmmail job geotargeting

You can choose as many cities and topics as you want most filtered performers. Similarly, you can get lists of cities from Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The possibility of restricting the audience of performers by city is a useful tool. For example, when creating affiliate programs, it is often necessary to filter users by city or country, and with Wmmail this became possible.

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