Games with a conclusion without points and with points, without attachments

Simple games on the Internet bring decent money to those who have already made investments in them and actively use all functions.

The option is quite profitable, and by investing a little money in your farm or a virtual company, you can achieve great results and earn thousands of rubles a day.

How to make money in games with the withdrawal of money without investment? Without investing anything from your own pocket, you can play games, but for this you have to work a little. Open your e-wallet and use the methods of earnings that do not require investments.

After collecting the required amount, you invest it in the game and begin to steadily withdraw money from there.

Games with a conclusion without points and with points, without attachments

Earnings on games without investments

There are quite a few options for collecting start-up capital. Most games require a minimum contribution of 50-100 rubles. Such money even with an initial level of knowledge can be earned on the Internet, spending a few hours.

Ready to get down to business? Then use one of the ways:

1. Click sponsors. Mailers, bucks, SARs, as soon as they do not call these projects, offering the most simple work on the Internet.

The popular Wmmail service will help you earn as much money as you like on small tasks. Register on sites, click on ads and perform other tasks:

Games with a conclusion without points and with points, without attachments

Some tasks have low payment, but the requirements are minimal. To get the most out of such activities, use several sites at once.

More than 25,000 similar instructions are waiting for you at Seosprint. This method is only suitable for a side job, therefore, having collected the necessary amount, it is better to switch completely to investments.

2. Exchange copywriting. Unlike the previous version, many people use copywriting as a permanent job.

Activity comes down to writing articles, and the more you write them, the better. You can take on available orders, and you can write texts about anything and put them on sale.

To make you believe in yourself, see what articles have other authors already put on:

Games with a conclusion without points and with points, without attachments

What knowledge do you have? Could it be cars, business, tourism or psychology? The only minus to Advego is the high grammar requirements.

If you doubt that you will be able to write articles without errors, go to the project. There, articles with minor errors are accepted, but buyers are warned about this.

3. Social networks. Easier way than earnings in social. networks probably do not exist.

Through all your profiles, you can receive money by participating in the cheat. Help people get lots of likes, classes, reposts or retweets so that they thank you with small awards. For this purpose, the site is ideal:

Games with a conclusion without points and with points, without attachments

Tasks for different accounts are added here, and in order to receive offers, you need to connect all profiles at once.

As you can see, the rewards are minimal, but think for yourself how much time is spent on a retweet or microblog subscription? Try to check the available tasks daily and gradually you will collect a good amount.

4. Auto-earnings. It is not necessary to work in order to receive small rewards.

You can install special extensions in your browser that open different advertisements and make money. One of these plugins offers. After its installation, banners are opened in the browser or such notifications appear:

Games with a conclusion without points and with points, without attachments

It’s not possible to make money this way quickly, so you have to save money. To get more, install a similar extension from P2P. Everything is also there, add a plugin and watch ads for money.

If you want to collect a decent amount as quickly as possible to start making money in withdrawal games, use several methods at once. If you work hard, then a week is quite enough, for a set of more than 500 rubles , and with such a sum in games you will provide yourself with good deductions.

Payment points in games

Economic games with a withdrawal of money are divided into two large classes - these are projects with the use of payment points and games that do not use all sorts of points.

Most people think that it is better not to play on projects with points, but this is a big mistake. Due to the constant replenishment of the reserve from the payment points, the project is more stable.

Do not forget that all games for earnings are disguised pyramids. Projects that do not use points collapse quickly, because sooner or later, the amount of payments exceeds the amount of investment.

Yes, you have to make additional investments or attract referrals, but it’s better to do this than to lose the invested money.

Games with a conclusion without points and with points, without attachments

Games with a conclusion with points

Now we will consider the most reliable projects that use payment points .

From each game I steadily withdraw money, so I advise you to use it:

    1. - a game where you need to buy cars to open your taxi company. The payment points here are presented in rubles accumulated on the passenger account. To get them, you need to work in the city, participate in races, replenish your account, and, of course, attract referrals.
    1. - surfing sites, a lot of bonuses, additional games, fast withdrawal of funds, of which there are no advantages project. The game uses a familiar plot, in which you want to buy birds and collect (sell) eggs. Payments come to Perfect Money and Payeer, withdrawal time is up to 24 hours.
    2. - buy video cards to create a mining farm and earn. For registration give MSI Radeon R7 360 and it immediately begins to make a profit (you can collect from 0. 01 rubles.). To develop without investments, attract referrals, earn in surfing, collect a daily bonus. There are no points here, and there are contests between investors and referrals.
    3. - after registration you will receive 2 banks as a gift. Deposit another 10 rubles at once (this is necessary for the activation of payments) and collect dividends. The game does not take much time, you can collect profits at least once a month. Surfing, contests, various bonuses and affiliate program on 5 levels are available. Many ways to withdraw (EPS, maps, mobile operators).
    4. - A game for passive income, in which you can start earning with any amount. The bottom line comes down to buying robots and selling the energy they accumulate. Over the past year, over 325 thousand users have joined the project, and payments are approaching 20 million rubles. Affiliate program brings 30% of deposits, money comes to Payeer, a daily bonus of up to 3 rubles and a bonus of 50% of your deposits.
    5. - build your own virtual mining farm. Get gaming cryptocurrency, withdraw rubles. The welcome bonus allows you to buy the first video card without attachments. Also, to start without deposits, you can collect bonuses, earn through surfing and attract referrals (40% -20% -10% -5%).
    6. is another game about birds that carry eggs. Here they are taken from the Angry Birds cartoon, and the most expensive bird brings 252 rubles per day. First birds are given for registration, also for starting without an investment there is a daily bonus and 5 levels of the affiliate program (30, 10, 5, 3, 2). Payments are made to Payeer, Qiwi or Yandex wallet.
    7. - start earning without investments and points in the game about mining. A choice of several farms cost from 10 rubles. You get the first one for free, you can earn the rest through surfing and attracting new players. From the first level comes 40% of contributions, and only 4 lines of referrals.
    8. - to earn in the game, you need to build buildings in your city. Taxes are collected from them, it can be done at any time. The first construction you get free then (give to beginners 100 rubles each). Collect daily bonuses, get up to 50% on top when replenishing, attract referrals (3 levels) and order payments from 0. 1 p. on payeer.
    9. - entire cities build players on this site without investing anything at all. Some start to develop with a welcome bonus (50 rubles), others use an affiliate program. What immediately catches your eye is the incredibly beautiful graphics. Build the first building for free and see for yourself how well everything is drawn here.
    10. - become a businessman, sign up and get a kiosk. You can also buy a hotel, gas station, restaurant and more. Level up, earn even more. Payments to cards, e-wallets and phone. Invite referrals get 10% of their deposits and 3% of refills by second-rate referrals. Developers plan to add many features.
    11. - each player on this site becomes the owner of the energy business. The generated electricity from the purchased stations is sold for real money, they can be withdrawn. As in many peers, in order to receive payment points, referrals are required, but 5-7 active users are quite enough.
    1. is a classic game about gnomes that you first hire and then sell the ore they have collected. Everything is very simple, and to get a decent income, you need not only to replenish the account, but also to attract referrals. Deposit 5,000 rubles into the game so that referrals are assigned to you, they will earn you a lot of points.
  1. - after registering, immediately buy the first Fluffy, the money for it is given as a gift. The collection of bugs will begin, they must be sold.The profit is displayed on Payeer, but with a limit (a mandatory deposit of 10 rubles). If you top up your account, get not only 20% on top, but also a combination of Fuzzies (SET bonus).
  2. - a game about urban realities, in which you immediately have to find a place to live. In the future, you need to buy an apartment, but you can start with the hotel. It is advisable to buy a place with a high county count, it is more profitable. The further story is even more interesting, since you can trade on the stock exchange, sell land and perform other actions.
  3. - this farm has been working with money withdrawal for more than a year. It is proposed to monitor the garden and animals. There are several types of animals that cost at least 20 rubles and have a payback of 25%. To start you need to replenish the balance, although you can earn some money in surfing sites.
  4. - every experienced player knows about bird games, as there are many analogues. In this project, buy a few birds and earn money by selling their eggs. Payment points are denoted as Cash Points, and you can get them for referrals, top-up balance or using a special exchange (access after a deposit of 1000 rubles).
  5. - this is an analogue of the game about birds, which does not differ even interface. The game has collected the most users and is one of the first. Unlike other games with a conclusion, here you can buy a bird for 990 rubles, bringing payment points. In addition, they can be obtained in standard ways (deposits, referrals).
  6. - fruit farm with a yield of up to 200% per month. If you have time, you can get a bonus when you deposit funds into your balance. There are payment points here, and it is best to collect them through referral referrals. It is important to explain to referrals how to attract new members. Since it comes a percentage of their deposits up to level 3.
  7. is another game with birds, different from its counterparts. In addition to a few classic methods of collecting points (Cash Points), there are additional options. For example, you can buy points for silver on the stock exchange or play gambling by betting with points.
  8. - earn money in the game and immediately bring it to your bank card. After registration, you will receive 50 rubles, go with them to the fairy dynasty and tame the magic character. Then sell the pollen and order the payment on the card or popular payment. Additionally, offer earnings on viewing sites. Affiliate level 3 7%, 3% and 1%.
  9. - this project has been working for a little more than a year. The main plot is familiar, buy a business, conduct accounting and collect profits. In addition, the site is available surfing sites, ref. 5% system, here 95% goes to the withdrawal and payment points are not provided.

Stable proven games will constantly bring you profit, and you do not stop at this, work. What to do? As actively as possible attract new players. Due to this, you will not only collect the necessary payment points, but also deductions will come to your account.

Games with a conclusion without points and with points, without attachments

Games with a withdrawal without points

If you do not want to engage in referral referrals and perform additional actions to receive payment points, use games in which they are not provided.

Risks are becoming higher, but we have collected the best projects for you:

  1. - the income is charged from the cryptocurrency sold. To get it, you need to buy a farm. Of the cost varies from 10 to 10 000 rubles, and profitability per day from 0. 22 p. up to 1000 p. After registration, the farm X1 is given as a gift, the rest of the farm can be bought without investment, if you collect a daily bonus, watch surfing sites or attract referrals.
  2. - there is no welcome bonus in this game, but you can collect a bonus once a day, make money on surfing and a 3-level affiliate program (7-3-1 percent of deposits). Money is needed to buy Pharaohs, they bring coins, and when you exchange them, you get real money for e-wallets, phones or cards of any banks.
  3. is a 2018 game with high payback, round-the-clock support and a 5-level referral system. Each newcomer receives 1000 silver, the first bird is bought for them, which begins to lay eggs. It remains only to sell them and withdraw money. The only caveat is a mandatory deposit of 30 rubles or the attraction of at least one active referral.
  4. - go through the registration and get free silver to buy the first character. Here they mine gold, which is displayed with real money. There are no payment points, but there is a system of ranks; donations must be made to open access to the full functionality. Collect different bonuses, call your friends and get 5% of their top ups.
  5. - the game is translated into Russian and English, it appeared quite recently and is very different from its counterparts.Here the construction of castles is made as in full-fledged online strategies. You need to build them on your site, each castle brings crystals. 50 rubles each charged for registration, 3 affiliate levels, withdrawal via Payeer.
  6. - in 2 months this game has collected over 15,000 registrations. The project is interesting, the money comes passively, you just need to get one of the speed levels of your car. The administration holds promotions, distributes daily bonuses, offers surfing and an affiliate program at 3 levels (7%, 2%, 1%).
  7. is a berry farm, where they propose to plant 8 different types of berries and receive passive profit from them. The bonus for registration allows you to make the first landing without investment. Income is divided 50/50 between internal balances. Affiliate program 40% from deposits. No points, and the most expensive berry "Strawberry" brings more than 500 rubles per day.
  8. - open your own aviary and earn money by selling eggs. After registering on this site, you will already have money on your balance to buy the first bird. Even more you can earn in surfing. Be sure to attract referrals, from their replenishment charged 45% -30% -15% plus half a penny for each transition on the ref. link.
  9. - another game about birds and eggs with favorable conditions. This site has the most withdrawal methods (you can transfer money to the card) and there are no limitations in the form of points. Several levels of referrals, instant payments, sale of referrals, payment for clicking on the affiliate link and many other advantages.
  10. is a virtual farm for growing melons, beets, carrots and other vegetables. Products are automatically accumulated in stock and do not deteriorate, so it can be sold at least once a month. Payback of 10 days, the price of the beds from 1 ruble. Of the main advantages - the lack of points, a lot of bonuses and 3-level affiliate program.
  11. - register, buy stores, collect profits from them. The game does not take a lot of time, and payments come stably without any points for payment and other nonsense. Although referrals are still worth attracting, because conditions are favorable. From 3 lines comes 10%, 3%, 2%, while the site has less than 1000 registered players, have time to recruit a team.
  12. - a game for those who do not want to invest and invite referrals, for the extraction of payment points. There are no restrictions on withdrawal here , but there are welcome bonuses. The project is young, it sells various types of business with passive income. Affiliate program 6 tier.
  13. - players buy taxi cars and make profits from them. It is charged automatically. Here you can really start without investments, there are different bonuses and a 2-level affiliate program. But to make payments available, it is necessary to replenish the account by more than 25 rubles. Minimum payout for withdrawals from 1 to 11 rubles, payments to Qiwi, Yandex or Payeer.
  14. - you plant tea bushes and make a profit from the sale of their leaves. There is a bonus when recharging up to 55%.
  15. - sign up now and get presents. Start playing without investments, buy the first mine free then, besides there are no payment points in the game. You can buy several mines, their profitability depends on the level. From the account for withdrawal at any time it is allowed to order a payment to Payeer (manual payments).
  16. - become a farmer without investments, go through registration and buy a pair of chickens. They immediately begin to bring eggs (other animals bring other products), they need to be sold. If you are bored, use gambling. Invite your friends more actively here and get from 2% to 40% from deposits, plus a penny for each click on your link.
  17. - sign up, get the first bird and start selling eggs. A unique project with different bonuses, contests and a profitable affiliate program. From 4 levels 30% -10% -5% -5% are charged, and besides this, the bonus for each invited player is 250 coins. Payments are available in cryptocurrency, cards and e-wallets.
  18. - the monsters hired in the game start collecting fears, and the players sell them and then exchange silver for real money. There are many functions in the game, you can have fun in the lottery, perform tasks, invite referrals (3 levels 30% -20% -10%). Also, various bonuses allow you to start without investment.
  19. - buy cats, let them catch mice. After they are sold, a profit appears on the balance sheet that can be withdrawn. There is a welcome bonus, they give a cat for 50 rubles, plus there is a daily bonus. For attracting players, they give one more cat and give 30% of the top up. Output to Payeer and QIWI.
  20. - as in the TV show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," this game is played on erudition. In the free mode, there is a training session; in the paid mode, you must bet on your victory. If you answered all the questions correctly and met on time, you get 10 times more.
  21. - classic plot, eggs, birds, silver.But this is a new project, where there are no points and there is a welcome bonus. Start playing without investments and receive payments without invitations. The site provides for surfing, there is a section with tasks, many other pieces. Conclusion on different wallets, phone or cards. In the affiliate level 2 (10% and 5%).
  22. is a new kind of investment game where players play their farms. The graphics are amazing, as is the breadth of possibilities. Sowing beds, buying chickens, building sawmills and much more. You can call the project a full-fledged strategy, plus bonuses for registration.
  23. - this game has been running for almost 3 months. There are buildings in it, and various products come from them. It accumulates in the warehouse, its level can be increased to increase capacity. The mill is given free of charge, there are several types of bonuses available in the game, a minimum wage for withdrawing 1 ruble, transfers only to Payeer without points.
  24. - there are no payment points, you can start without investments. Everything was done on the flower meadow, so that newcomers could quickly start receiving real income. Planted cheap flowers bought by the system. Payback of 45 days, affiliate program 20%, daily bonus, gift for registration (50 rubles) and for the first deposit (50%).
  25. - open an orange juice business. Make it by buying oranges. Without investments on this project, it’s really possible to start, because there is a welcome bonus, two types of surfing sites, a daily bonus and an affiliate program. There are no payment points, get paid to e-wallets or directly to a phone number (Beeline, MTS, Megaphone).
  26. - the record among economic games, by the time of its existence (opened in 2011). An interesting farm with different possibilities.
  27. - the players themselves decide how to develop. The choice offered estate, barracks and a forge. Build houses, buy heroes, create weapons. Payments to 4 popular bills without points. At attracting referrals, you can also earn 10% and 5% from 2 levels. Sign up now, get a gift of 10 p. and start without investment.
  28. - in the money gnomes you need to buy miners and sell ore. The project has a lot of advantages, total payments exceed 1. 5 million rubles, 1000 silver gift to new players, bonuses every hour and day, surfing sites, 30% is paid from referrals, automatic payments, you can get free referrals, withdrawal to Kiwi, Yandex and Payeer
  29. - you buy gnomes, collect and sell ore. At the start you will find a gift in 1000 silver, also without attachments helps to start surfing and bonuses. In the affiliate simple conditions, 30% of deposits. Use autoreferal to secure free referrals for you. Now the action is held, you can collect refs for a month for a deposit of $ 10.

As experienced investors say, you cannot direct all your capital into one type of deposit. Now you know a lot of different game projects where you can scroll through your money. Use several games at once to reduce risks, all of them are similar in terms of profitability.

5 new games with a withdrawal of money 2018

- register, confirm mail and get bonus rubles to buy your own island. Absolutely no investment you can buy Cyprus, and then the other islands. They have an expiration date and a maximum yield of 37%. To make it easier to start from scratch, use the surfing and two-level affiliate program (7% and 3%).

Games with a conclusion without points and with points, without attachments

- the plot for the game was taken from the cartoon Monsters on vacation. You need to buy different characters so that they bring crystals that are exchanged for real money. They give Voldemar freebies to all newbies, there is a daily bonus, contests are held, and if you invite your friends to the site, you will receive 6% from their replenishments.

Games with a conclusion without points and with points, without attachments

- we warn you, you must pay at least 20 rubles to make money in the game, this is a mandatory requirement for activating payments. It is not necessary to do this right away, because 10 bees are given as a gift and you can collect honey for sale from them. Also for the purchase of new hives and bees, bonuses, promotions, contests, surfing and referral systems are available (10%, 5%, 3%).

Games with a conclusion without points and with points, without attachments

8 new cash-out games 2019

- virtual cloud mining, a game without points and cash points Each new player is given 100 rubles, which is enough to connect to the pool. Here you can earn up to 70% per month without investing anything at all. Of the additional features - a daily bonus, stable contests, 3-level affiliate 10% -5% -2%.

Games with a conclusion without points and with points, without attachments

is a new game, it does not have payment points, but a deposit is required to receive payments from 100 rubles (or attracting at least 50 referrals). Investments at the start are not needed, there is a welcome gift, various bonuses, 2 levels of affiliate program (10% and 5%). In the story you need to buy dinosaurs and collect profits in rubles. Conclusion on the phone and different bills.

Games with a conclusion without points and with points, without attachments

is an online game based on the movie "Spartacus." You need to fill your ludus with gladiators and lanistami, they bring income. No bonuses, but you can earn on surfing, clicks and quests. There is also a 3-level affiliate program (7%, 3%, 1%). At the same time, there are no restrictions, points are not used, and payments come to Qiwi, Yandex. Money or Payeer.

Games with a conclusion without points and with points, without attachments

- register and get 50 rubles as a gift. This is enough for the purchase of the first company. They bring up to 40% per month, the profit goes in silver, it needs to be changed into gold in order to then withdraw money to Payeer. Participate in the lottery, collect daily bonuses, get 5% of player deposits. The site has many interesting promotions.

Games with a conclusion without points and with points, without attachments

- register and get 10 rubles as a gift. That's enough to buy the first owl and sell a magic potion. Owls have a lifespan, payback of up to 38% per month. Without investments, you can earn on surfing, collecting a daily bonus and inviting referrals (2 levels 6% -2%). There are no payment points on the site, but for withdrawal you need a deposit of 15 rubles.

Games with a conclusion without points and with points, without attachments

characters for this project are taken from the popular game Angry Birds. Birds can be bought in any quantity, they are profitable on the machine. Only 9 types of characters, yield from 25% to 33%, and for registration give the most simple bird. Also there is a surfing site, a daily bonus, paid quests and a ref. system (7% -2%).

Games with a conclusion without points and with points, without attachments

- buy Mickey Mouse, Jean, Donald Duck or other characters to collect from them stars and get real money from their sale. The maximum yield of 34% per month, you can earn without investment. The site has 7 types of bonuses, surfing, tasks, contests are held, pay 5% of the referrals deposit. Plus you can have fun in mini games.

Games with a conclusion without points and with points, without attachments

- buy a chapel and collect income from them at any time. You can earn up to 45% of your investments per month, but you can actually start without them. Game currency is collected through surfing, quests, bonuses and affiliate program (10%). Payments are carried out on the phone or e-wallet. There are always topical contests, you can have fun in mini games.

Games with a conclusion without points and with points, without attachments

SCAM games with money withdrawal

  1. Pocket mine is a game with a unique script and original design. The idea is not new, here miners are hired to mine crystals (they can be improved, only 7 levels). The cost of workers varies from 10 to 100 rubles, the first give for registration. To start without an investment, use surfing, contests and affiliate program (7% -3%).
  2. Vicecity - build a factory, a factory, a stadium and other buildings so that income comes from them. You can start with 100 rubles, credit is also available to players. If you want to make money without investments, attract referrals, from 2 levels comes 15% -4%. Conclusion from 10 rubles. , yield up to 32% monthly.
  3. Pathogen - the game was created in May 2018, it has an unusual storyline and no cash points. Players need to buy viruses and every hour will come "dead souls" that can be removed. Develop your laboratories, complete assignments, use surfing and invite referrals, with 4 levels of interest come from deposits (1% -1% -3% -6%).
  4. Monopolist is a promising project because it uses smooth marketing. He should take his place in the list of long-lived games. Now you can get a factory for free just by registering. Production needed for the sale of goods. The game has a lot of advantages - contests, bonuses, promotions and 2-level affiliate program.
  5. Nightautomoney - profitable night races, where speed determines the level of your earnings. The choice of players offer several types of machines. The first give for registration, and the most expensive brings almost 10 rubles per hour. It is not necessary to invest, there is surfing, mining, lottery and affiliate program 7% from level 1 and 3% from the second.
  6. Sky Land - the game does not feature generous bonuses, but it is colorful and interesting. Farmers are engaged in players, planting trees, buying animals or building production. The project appeared not so long ago, now there are several actions on it. If you want to start without investments, look for referrals, with their replenishments give 10% (available for withdrawal).
  7. Alice Game - register and give you 20 rubles as a gift so that you can buy the first character without any attachments at all. He will immediately begin to bring the keys that need to be sold. 80% comes to withdrawal, 5% comes from partners, 10% are donated to the first deposit. There are no points, for players added a lot of different bonuses, plus earnings on surfing.
  8. Gbizg - trees with apples and cherries bear fruit, the system completely redeems them. For the harvest, silver is credited, which is removed from the game without points.One bush is presented for registration, and a profit immediately begins to flow from it. Use surfing to earn game currency, attract referrals and get 10% of their deposits. Do not forget to collect bonuses every day.
  9. Lucky Rent - rent a kiosk, a shopping center, a store or a supermarket, make a profit on the machine. There are no payment points , and the developers are verified. The project started just 4 days ago, but there are already more than 3,000 participants. Some managed to order payments to Payeer and get 10% of referrals replenishment.
  10. Elf-lord - start playing for elves by buying different characters, animals and buildings. Recently, the project paid 100,000 rubles, a decent figure for a game that lasts 90 days. Earnings without investments is possible, there are different bonuses. There are no payment points, payments work for AdvCash, Payeer and Yandex. Money.
  11. West-gold - players need to build their own village in the wild west. Several fields of wheat give free, plus you can earn extra money on surfing. For the first replenishment a 10% bonus is set, with replenishment from 3000 rub. You can rob other players, and so that they do not rob you, visit your profile at least once a day.
  12. Motomoney - no money is needed at the start. Go through the usual registration and get the first bike. He will immediately begin to generate income, the counter is displayed in the motor park. There are also other moto available for purchase. Develop without investments, earning on surfing, quests, collecting bonus and attracting referrals (3-level affiliate program 7% -2% -1%).
  13. Empire of Dragons - no game can compare with this one by design. An online strategy with withdrawals offers to create your own empire. First you need to hire workers at the sawmill and buy some soldiers for the army. All of them will begin to bring resources. They change to gold through the market, and then are withdrawn through AdvCash, Payeer and Perfect Money without points and points.
  14. Place Freelacers - freelancers are hired in this game to sell files. It's very simple, 5 minutes a week and your money. There are a lot of advantages on the project - there are no points, referral contests are held, 90% of the sale of files goes to the conclusion, surfing sites are available, instant output to Payeer and 10% of the replenishment with referrals.
  15. Money-fountain - money fountains are created by players in this game. The first you get for registration, but it brings little profit. To activate the payments you need to make a deposit of 25 rubles. Make at least this money, collect the rest with bonuses and through the set in order to improve the fountain faster. From referrals comes to 12% (+ 3% from the second level).
  16. Luntik - the game paid out over 260,000 rubles, thousands of users are registered on it. They all buy characters that make a profit on the machine. The interface is simple and convenient, and in addition to the basic earnings, you can collect bonuses, use surfing, affiliate program, participate in a lottery or even auction.
  17. Kuznicagame - on the machine the income is brought to the players by their virtual forge. How many? It all depends on the purchased tools. The first is bought without investment, due to the welcome bonus. In the game, your courses are 100 weapons = 1 coin, and 100 coins = 1 rub. With the sale of weapons goes 50% to withdraw, this money can be transferred to the wallet without restrictions.
  18. Myfologygame is a game with a welcome bonus that allows you to start without an investment. The project started recently, there are constantly running profitable promotions and bonuses. The essence of the game in the sale of gifts collected by mythical characters (pegasi, griffins, etc.). Payback up to 40% per month.
  19. Egyptos - invest in sending Egyptian caravans and earn up to 3. 75%, with a maximum period of 72 hours. It is easy to play, and payouts are available without any restrictions. The project works 120 days, paid almost 50 million. There is a welcome bonus and 10% is charged from guest referrals.
  20. Gameoflotto - purchased lottery cards bring profit passively, the maximum rate of 72% in 30 days. Conditions are favorable, but deposits have to be made at least 630 rubles. If you do not want to replenish the balance on the money, try to win extra games or invite referrals.
  21. Ferma Meda - by the name it is already clear that the game is about bees and honey. You need to buy bees to start bringing honey. His then need to sell and withdraw money. At the first replenishment you will find a 10% bonus. There are no payment points in the game, and the developers took care of a high level of security. The game has been working for a long time, it’s already the second season of its launch
  22. Magic Trees is a new project with trees and fruits that will sometimes need to be collected for sale. You can start without investment, because there is a welcome gift of 10,000 coins. Players are offered many different ways to withdraw funds and ref. system on 5 levels with deductions up to 12%.Do not forget to collect the daily bonus.
  23. Animal-farm is an online farm where they earn real money. Players are engaged in their farm, buy animals on the market, sit them in corrals. Animals need to be fed, then they come with food. They can be immediately sold or recycled through factories. Tell your friends about the site, get 5% of their expenses on animals or 10% of the costs of pens and factories.
  24. Online-fermer - start without an investment, the administration gives a little money for planting wheat and donates in the hen house to all beginners. The goal of the players is to develop the farm and sell the resulting products. You need to collect crystals, they are displayed on Payeer, Webmoney, QIWI, Yandex. Money, phone numbers and other ways.
  25. Vesworld - open your companies, engage in production, sales, services, earn real income. To not have to invest, start with work in the store. No one forbids combining all these methods of earnings. Making sure you will be surprised, not all economic games such graphics.
  26. Riixle - get a cafe as a gift, become a virtual businessman in a new simulator. For a couple of months of existence, the project attracted over 15,000 registrations. To beginners he gives away bucks, there are quests for making money, contests are held and 10% comes from referrals. Payments are instant from 0. 02 $ by different methods (including Bitcoin).
  27. Wihtem - players receive money from battery charges. They can be bought in any quantity to increase income. The site has many interesting features, there is a lottery, an investor contest, surfing sites, the game "Charge the battery", a daily bonus and much more. Payments are automatic only through Payeer.
  28. Sons-of-anarchy - over a million rubles is already in reserve for this game. On the site, players hire bikers, weapons come from them, it changes to silver. The balance for withdrawal comes 100% of the profits. Points and other limits are not provided, and a 1000 silver gift is charged for registration. There is an affiliate program of 7% -3%.
  29. Igra-babki-ezhki - 9 levels of females offer to buy on this site to start cooking potions. With its sale comes profit to the players. Immediately after registration, income begins to drip, because one grandmother is given to beginners. It is important to visit the game every day and collect the potion. There are no payment points, but Payeer payments (automatic).
  30. Chest Game - to earn in this game, you need to buy chests. They bring treasures that you exchange for money and be able to withdraw them. When registering, they give a chest as a gift, 100% of the income goes to the account for withdrawal, and 10% is charged from referral deposits. Be sure to replenish your account by at least 50 rubles, otherwise the output function will be unavailable.
  31. Plague-farm - buy viruses for distribution, it helps to increase the proceeds from the sale of the vaccine. The original plot came up with the developers and made a profitable project. Payments in a variety of ways, welcome gifts, 10% from the deposits of refs (10 kopeks for each registration) and gift viruses for large deposits (yours or referrals).
  32. Shaftgame - get a free mine and start making money selling gold. There is a limit in the game, you need to make a minimum of 100 rubles to activate the payments. With this money you will buy even more mines or improve freebies. Payback depends on the type of mine, the maximum value of 35%. With replenishment referrals credited 7 percent.

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