Games in social networks. The best games Vkontakte

Users of social networks not only communicate, view entertainment content and post their photos.

Many people love games, despite their simplicity. They are very different from ordinary computer games, are not so beautifully decorated, they have few features, however, they collect millions of fans.

Games in social networks have already become a separate niche where new projects are constantly being launched. The interest of the creators is easy to explain, they earn on advertising or paid features.

Despite this, quality games are really interesting and are common entertainment.

Games in social networks. The best games Vkontakte

Some statistics on games in the social. networks

According to the general indicators, the female half of humanity plays much more actively in social networks.

According to various polls, it turned out that they make up 69% of the total mass of players. Girls are more likely to play logic games like Tetris or Solitaire, while men prefer more spectacular action games.

General statistics of game lovers speaks about the advantage of the male population. From this we can conclude that girls, in addition to the gameplay themselves, also love to talk.

They are actively sharing the results in games and more often compete with their friends. Playing with friends is really more interesting, so now more and more games are integrated with social. networks.

If you are one of those people who adore online games, then you definitely need to try the game with the withdrawal of money. In addition to entertainment, they help make real money.

Creating your own game on social networks is a good idea, but it will be difficult to implement it. A whole staff of professionals works on popular games, so competition is out of the question.

Examples of how people have spun up their applications are there, but they are rare, so it’s best to think about creating a Vkontakte group and other social services. networks.

Games in social networks. The best games Vkontakte

The best games of Vkontakte

Especially for our readers a thematic selection of the games most popular among the users of Vkontakte was compiled:

  • Wormix;
  • Tyuryaga;
  • Avatars;
  • World Poker Club;
  • Pirates Treasures;
  • Zombie Farm ;
  • Zaporozhye;
  • Street Racing;
  • Shadow Fight;
  • Indy Cat.

If you decide to play Vkontakte, then choose the most popular games, they have more users and they are more interesting.

In almost every game, voices are required for rapid development and various bonuses. It is not necessary to pay for them, free votes of Vkontakte will help you to save.

The integration of online games and social networks continues to progress and in the near future they will merge exactly. This has a positive effect on everything, and Google is already trying to do it, integrating its social. Google+ network with games for mobile devices ( on the Play Market ).

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