Game Worms Money - how to make money in the game

Playing games is the most interesting way to make money online. Of course, not every game can be a source of profit, but there are also projects in which they pay money for participation.

Everyone played Worms ( Worms ), an analogue of this was recently launched project, which can make good money.

A new game with the withdrawal of money Worms Money was launched on May 11, and a welcome bonus is distributed to all new participants so that you can start without an investment.

There will be no need to conduct wars; you just need to gather your army of worms and each soldier will bring medals that are exchanged for real money.

Game Worms Money - how to make money in the game

The game is closed.

Earnings in the game Worms Money

After completing the standard registration in this game, you get 100 WM. This small money can be spent on the purchase of a worm "Student". He brings only 6 medals per hour, so it is better to invest money and buy other types of warrior worms:

Game Worms Money - how to make money in the game

For example, you can buy a queen for 100,000 WM ( 1000 rubles) , so that in an hour she brought 9900 medals:

Game Worms Money - how to make money in the game

This type of worm brings 237600 medals per day, and from their sale you will receive 2376 WM (23. 76 rubles.). To return the invested 1000 rubles, you will need to collect and sell medals for 43 days, and after that you will continue to receive income.

Where to start and how to play?

First of all, it is better to make a deposit, since the starting bonus will not bring good profit. You can top up the balance by any means (bank cards, electronic money, phone number). After that, immediately buy worms or additional weapons, to increase income:

Game Worms Money - how to make money in the game

The headquarters shows how many medals your characters and weapons purchased for them have collected now, but here you need to collect them :

Game Worms Money - how to make money in the game

When you have collected all the medals, go to the market to get the WM currency for them:

Game Worms Money - how to make money in the game

Everything your balances for withdrawal and purchases money appears, by which you can develop a detachment and buy weapons, as well as withdraw funds (income is divided 50/50).

Starting to play, it is better not to order payouts, but use the WM exchanger and get 10% more on the balance for purchases.

By doing all these actions, money will gradually accumulate on your balance sheet, and you can withdraw them to your Payeer account and transfer them from there to any virtual wallets, bank cards or even make purchases on the Internet.

Pros of the economic game Worms Money:

  • there are no payment points;
  • a lottery and auction can bring additional income;
  • 10 WM for each referral;
  • 3-level affiliate program (15%, 3%, 2%);
  • payments come in an hour;
  • daily bonus brings from 10 to 100 WM;
  • the administration holds a referral contest;
  • 5% of all deposits are collected at the accumulative bank every day, after which this amount is transferred to one of the users.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult to make in Worms Money, and the income comes on a full machine. Sign up right now, collect bonus WM and buy a worm for free, even he will start to bring you the first money.

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