Game with surfing sites Orchard

Every day there are more and more unusual projects for making money on the Internet.

online investment games are particularly popular, but if you find a good service, then you can start without any investment.

Playing with surfing sites is one of the original projects, where you can not invest your money, but earn them by viewing sites. There is no such functionality on any other project, and due to this, even a beginner will easily and quickly earn a little money to develop his own virtual orchard.

Game with surfing sites Orchard

Invest in the game Frutosad

From the name of the game it is already clear that after registration it is necessary to develop a garden with fruit trees. For registration give a starting bonus of 100 silver, for which you can buy the first tree - Lime.

This is the cheapest tree, it brings a minimum of fruit, therefore, it is still better to invest some money and buy more expensive trees:

Game with surfing sites Orchard

After you buy a tree You need to go to your farm and plant seedlings. To do this, simply click on the button at the bottom of the page:

Game with surfing sites Orchard

All fruits from the trees on the machine are sent to the warehouse, and you can periodically go to the site to check how many goods have already accumulated

Game with surfing sites Orchard

To make a profit from the fruit, you must order a car that will take them out of the warehouse. There are several options to choose from:

Game with surfing sites Orchard

As you see, you can export 50,000 fruits for free, but for this you have to wait 12 hours. It is easiest for a beginner to use exactly free pickup, let it take a long time. As soon as the export is completed, money is added to your balance for withdrawal, and you can order the payment.

You can receive funds from the Frutosad game on different payment systems - Webmoney, Yandex. Money, QIWI. But the most profitable is Payeer, since in this case no commission is charged.

Entertainment in the Orchard

There is no need to collect fruit, export takes a long time, what to do during the rest of the time? You can enjoy the entertainment:

  • to collect the daily bonus;
  • to play KNB;
  • to play Eagle-tails;
  • to play dice;
  • browse surfed sites.

Gambling can quickly increase your balance, but you need to remember that there are losses in them. Surfing sites in this regard is much better, just go to the sites, wait until the time on the timer comes out, and get a reward in the form of gaming silver.

To do this, you need to go to the appropriate section and click on the individual blocks:

Game with surfing sites Orchard

7-10 silver is paid to view one site, and you only need to watch them for 15 seconds. Just click on one of the blocks, and the site opens with a timer:

Game with surfing sites Orchard

In 5-10 minutes, you can easily dial 100 silver and spend it on buying the cheapest seedling. If you do this every day, you can quickly plant a lot of trees and collect a huge amount of fruit.

Games with money withdrawals, where you don’t need to invest your money, are valued much higher, and with the help of Frutosad you can easily make sure that the system pays.

As a rule, money comes instantly, sometimes it lingers for several hours.

Collect a few seedlings, earn money in surfing, and get a steady income from them.

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