Game RobotCash. Buy robots and earn

There are many interesting ways to make money online, through which you can passively make a profit.

In particular, these are investment games, but many people try to limit themselves from using them. Why? Because they are afraid that they will be deceived, and in order not to become a victim of fraudsters, you need to use quality projects.

The investment game offers to buy robots that will generate energy on the machine, and this resource can be exchanged for real money. Perhaps you already know about similar projects in this game, the system for making a profit is no different.

Game RobotCash. Buy robots and earn

Buy robots and let them work for you

Unfortunately, start without investing in this game this will not work, since robots are not given free of charge and no registration bonus is provided. It is not necessary to invest serious money, you can check the system, with an investment of 150 rubles, by buying the cheapest robot:

Game RobotCash. Buy robots and earn

As you can see, this type of robot produces 59 energy every hour, accumulated resource One day can be exchanged for 1. 4 rubles. All you have to do is sell your stored energy. Such investments seem frivolous to you? Then you can buy more expensive robots:

Game RobotCash. Buy robots and earn

How much you will earn each month depends only on which robots you buy. To do this, you need to replenish the balance through Payeer.

When you first make a deposit, players get + 50%, i.e., to buy a cheap robot, you need to pay 100 rubles, another 50 you will receive a bonus.

The output balance is automatically replenished after you sell all the energy. Only money can be withdrawn from it, and payments are available in Payeer wallets. It is easy to collect energy, in the Hangar section, there is a special button for this:

Game RobotCash. Buy robots and earn

After collecting, go to the market and sell energy at the rate of 1000 energy = 1 ruble. At the same time, only 90% is sent to the balance for withdrawal, and 10% is transferred to the balance for purchases.

How good is the RobotCash project?

  • if you exchange money from the balance for withdrawal to the balance for purchases, you get + 10%;
  • there is an interesting lottery where you can win up to 150 rubles (the cost of participation is 30 rubles);
  • every 24 hours, players can take a bonus from 1 to 3 rubles;
  • attracting referrals, you will earn 10% from their deposits;
  • completely passive earnings on the Internet;
  • stable payments and no pitfalls when withdrawing.

The economic game RobotCash appeared not so long ago, but it is rapidly gaining momentum. The advantage of using this project is obvious, because having invested money, after 2-4 months you fully pay back the costs and start making money.

Agree, 100 rubles, it is not so much money to give up the prospect of easy money.

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