Game Rich Fishing, a guide for beginners

Who has not heard about the game with the withdrawal of money? This topic is now popular. Millions of people have invested in the purchase of a virtual business and now receive a profit, doing almost nothing.

The most important thing is not to rush, choose only fair and proven games, and distribute your starting capital among several projects.

A new investment game offers to make money by selling caviar. First you need to buy fish of different levels, and then periodically collect eggs to get silver for them.

The game has several interesting features and generous bonuses, so it's really possible to start without any investments at all.

Game Rich Fishing, a guide for beginners

5 Steps to Earn at Rich Fishing

If you have ever used economic games, then You can easily figure it out. In general, the project is not much different from analogs, the interface is simple, the actions performed are standard.

Perhaps the first time you heard about a game in which you can earn money, then you need detailed instruction :

  1. Registration.

On any site you need to register to start using. On this project, it is extremely simple. From the main page, you need to click on the appropriate link and fill out a simple form:

Game Rich Fishing, a guide for beginners

There is no confirmation by mail, as well as various verifications. Nobody will even take an interest in your name, and for creating an account, you will be credited with 1000 silver so that you can immediately start collecting caviar.

  1. Balance replenishment.

Despite the welcome bonus, it is better to make a deposit immediately. The fact is that for 1000 silver you can buy only the cheapest fish, but it brings little profit. Therefore, we go to the "Finance" section and enter the amount that we are ready to spend:

Game Rich Fishing, a guide for beginners

Now the administration is holding a rally, charges up to 200% of the deposit. Also give free fish for a large amount. There are many ways to replenish the balance, in addition to e-wallets there are cards, mobile operators and much more.

  1. Buying fish.

The resulting silver should be used to buy fish. There are a total of 10 species in the game, they differ in cost and fertility. There are no restrictions on the number of fish there. In the "Fishing" section you will see the list:

Game Rich Fishing, a guide for beginners

For convenience, the function of simultaneously buying several identical fish is added. If you have a lot of silver, it is better to buy one expensive fish, because it will be more sense. Marketing is so designed that the more expensive a fish is, the faster it pays off.

  1. Collection of caviar.

At least once a month, at least once a week, at least every 10 minutes you need to collect eggs and carry them to the warehouse. It does not spoil, so often do not have to go into the game. You can go to the warehouse from the "Fishing" section:

Game Rich Fishing, a guide for beginners

Everything is simple, it shows how much and what kind of fish brought caviar. No more than once every 10 minutes, you can collect by pressing a special button.

  1. Sale of caviar.

The final stage is the sale of caviar. For her silver is charged on the balance. It is half transferred to the balance for withdrawal and purchase. Everything is as simple as in stock:

Game Rich Fishing, a guide for beginners

These actions will need to be repeated periodically. You will withdraw one half of the profit, be sure to use the other half for purchases of other fish. Due to this, your fish farm will develop and bring even more eggs.

Game chips with money withdrawal Rich Fishing

At the very beginning we said that there are interesting functions in this game, it's time to talk about them. A welcome bonus and a gift when replenishing is already good, but there is something else useful:

  1. Daily bonus - collect up to 100 silver every day for free.
  2. VK Bonus - join the official group of the game and get a fish worth 50 rubles.
  3. Silver Exchange - you can buy payment points for silver.
  4. Exchanger - change silver to the balance for purchases and get 10% more.
  5. Surfing - view advertising sites, get silver.

All tools are useful to players, especially bonus systems. Applying them and earning surfing, you can quickly accumulate the necessary amount of silver to buy fish. Just do not be lazy, as well as follow new promotions.

How to withdraw money from Rich Fishing?

To withdraw money you do not need a mandatory deposit, you can earn 100 rubles through surfing, it's the same thing that you made money at the expense of To transfer from the game balance, 3 payment systems, mobile operators and bank cards popular in Russia are offered.

Note, the most profitable withdrawal to Payeer (1% commission):

Game Rich Fishing, a guide for beginners

You probably noticed on the image that there is an emergency payment under the button of the payout order.It becomes available only after you earn at least 500 rubles on referrals. With its help, you can get money for a Payeer wallet instantly, but they take a commission of 7. 5%.

Earnings on referrals with Rich Fishing

Use all referral recruitment methods and put together a large team, then you don’t have to replenish the balance at all.

There is a 5-level affiliate program here, so you can only attract a couple of active partners so that your network can develop without much effort. The conditions in the referral system are as follows:

Game Rich Fishing, a guide for beginners

Divide the profit from the refs in half, because only 50% goes to the balance for withdrawal. Although the conditions remain favorable. Moreover, almost nobody has heard about the game now, less than 1500 participants are registered in it.

While Rich Fishing has not become the most popular game, but we are confident that it will work for a long time (there are all prerequisites). Therefore, it is ideal for building a profitable network of referrals.

In parallel with this, it will be possible to collect a bunch of fish and get tons of caviar, so there will definitely be no problems from this side.

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