Game for earnings Vesworld, without points, without investments

Every day some economic games appear, I have already stopped paying attention to most of them. But some projects are simply impossible to work around. Recently, I discovered another interesting game, you can not invest money in it, there are no points, but the design is most surprising.

Earn without investments and points in the game

- the project was launched on October 2, 2016 . This is a unique game that has no analogues. The script was developed specifically for this project, the design is the most convenient, besides, developers often add something new. It is safe to say that the game is an order of magnitude better than its counterparts.

Game for earnings Vesworld, without points, without investments

Economic simulator Vesworld

The players here build up free fields with their own productions. They can mine sand, rubble, make bricks, flour, grow wheat and more. The widest possibilities, and what is interesting - the game world is one for all. When you sign up for a game, you will see a huge piece of land with buildings by other players:

Game for earnings Vesworld, without points, without investments

There are so many functions offered that even I, an avid fan of economic games, had to read the manual. He made an informative, read the official site, it is available without registration.

The instruction is volumetric, so I will try to explain everything to you in the most meaningful way:

Game for earnings Vesworld, without points, without investments

The main user menu is located in the lower left corner. For convenience, I put the numbers under each item, now it is easier to explain them:

  1. Detailed game statistics - budgets, expenses, production receipts and other data.
  2. Construction of production - here you can choose a factory, various fields, combines and much more to start a business.
  3. Shops - they provide the maximum profit in the game. They are expensive, they are needed for the sale of finished products (it can also be sold on the stock exchange).
  4. Product Exchange - on it you can buy the necessary resources to start production or start construction.
  5. Cash Transactions - when clicked, a window appears displaying payout statistics, as well as replenishments and payments are ordered here.
  6. Player data - complete statistics on all project participants, how many enterprises are open, resources produced, profit for the last 24 hours and much more.
  7. Referrals - I'll tell you about the affiliate program separately, you can not use it, there are no points in the game.
  8. Warehouse - here players can check what resources they have, put something up for sale, see what is already on sale.
  9. TOPs - provides information on the most active investors, who brought more money, who has the largest revenue.
  10. News - stay tuned to the project, the developers are not idle, recently added sound alerts to incoming messages.
  11. FAQ - by the name it is already clear what this section is for. There are answers to the most popular questions.
  12. Skype - the administration of the game is ready to talk personally with each player. They are not hiding, working openly, confident in the profitability of their project.
  13. Days - shows the time until the new day. Every 48 real minutes comes a new gaming day.
  14. Personal Account - you get a job through it, and it also indicates the number of the wallet for withdrawal.
  15. Free server - the ability to switch to a free mode to familiarize yourself with the project. Each player on a free server give 100 000 rubles.

As you can see, the functionality is really wide, some points require a more detailed explanation. No other games with the withdrawal of money can not boast the same features. Nobody promises millions here, but if you develop and invest for a long time, the profit will be decent.

How to start a game without an investment?

Unfortunately, there are no bonuses for registering here, but each player can find a job at Vesworld through the labor exchange. Immediately after passing the registration, go to your personal account and go to the exchange:

Game for earnings Vesworld, without points, without investments

After that, a small form opens where you can choose the type of store you get a job as a seller. You can specify the desired salary, at least 5 kopecks. The skill level will gradually increase, but note that it only rises in one direction (for example, from the experience in the hardware store):

Game for earnings Vesworld, without points, without investments

Save at least 500 game rubles to open production. That’s how much the cheapest stone quarry costs. Stones will come from him, but you need to consider that you have to hire workers and pay them a salary:

Game for earnings Vesworld, without points, without investments

Different buildings bring different products.In any case, it costs money, but to put up products for sale, go to your warehouse and press a special button:

Game for earnings Vesworld, without points, without investments

The price is chosen arbitrarily, therefore quite profitable offers appear from time to time on the exchange . Some users do not build, they only buy resources at an attractive price and then sell them more expensive. This option is also possible, the demand for goods is always there.

About depositing and withdrawing money

It is very convenient that in this game the balance for purchases and withdrawal was combined. Plus, the game currency is equated to rubles. Refill on the machine is available through Payeer and Yandex. Money. Also, the administration offers to contact by phone number if you need to use a different method of making a deposit:

Game for earnings Vesworld, without points, without investments

The more money a player makes, the more solid receives gifts. The withdrawal function is nearby, there is nothing to tell about it, the minimum amount is only 1 ruble, payments come instantly, only Payeer payment is available (it’s easiest to withdraw money to the card):

Game for earnings Vesworld, without points, without investments

The project pays for the whole period of existence, paid 220 000 to the players. For all factors, the game will work for a very long time, and its creators are confident that their marketing plan is so thoughtful that scam is impossible at all.

Affiliate Program Vesworld

There are no points, but money is paid to attract referrals. The partnership program is 3-level, from the first line comes 7%, from the second 5%, from the third 3%. It is worth noting that the money is not paid from deposits, but from the money spent on the purchase of production. To invite new members, you can use a regular link or banners:

Game for earnings Vesworld, without points, without investments

The game has not yet become the most popular, there are few participants. Therefore, you have a chance to gather a huge team. Use all methods of recruiting referrals and look for active partners. Enough to invite people 5-10, and if they also attract new participants, incomes will constantly increase.

The Vesworld game receives feedback all the time, they are all admiring and positive. Still, a project of this level deserves respect, with payments he had no problems, and the developers are ready for personal communication.

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