Game for earnings Fruitmoney (project is closed)

On the Internet, they earn money in different ways, through various websites. They create a huge variety, for every taste and color.

Games with money withdrawal attract particular attention. Because they manage to simultaneously have fun and earn income. Moreover, they do not take much time.

Fruitmoney investment tree investment game (no points) - this is a new project from the same developers that once launched MotorMoney.

Their first game gained tremendous popularity, which inspires confidence in the next project. In just a week, over 30,000 users registered on it.

Game for earnings Fruitmoney (project is closed)

The project is closed

Earnings in the orchard with Fruitmoney

Registration is standard, the interface is familiar, conditions are favorable. For creating an account on the site, all new participants are given an apple tree as a gift. This is a great way to start without an investment and fully familiarize yourself with the project.

To start making big money, top up the balance. Trees are sold at different prices:

Game for earnings Fruitmoney (project is closed)

These are the cheapest seedlings, their yield is up to 32% per month. The maximum rate for apricots (35%), but this still requires an increase (7 in total). After purchasing trees, they are displayed in your garden.

Under each of them is the "Check" button, when you click it, you get to the page where harvest is available:

Game for earnings Fruitmoney (project is closed)

You can only harvest fruit from 100 units . As you can see, here is the cost of moving to the next level. The table presents data on profitability at all levels. After harvesting, you need to enter the market to sell everything:

Game for earnings Fruitmoney (project is closed)

Selling is available only from 1000 fruits. The selling rate for fruit is different, apricots are the most expensive. The resulting income from the market is sent to the account for withdrawal, all 100% can be put on payment.

How to withdraw money from Fruitmoney?

Get at least a ruble, this is the minimum threshold. There are many ways to get money, but some of them are not yet available. At the moment, you can get a payment in one of these options:

Game for earnings Fruitmoney (project is closed)

Every day, users order payments for tens of thousands of rubles. There are no points or required deposits in the game, get everything you can earn. Money comes quickly:

Game for earnings Fruitmoney (project is closed)

The website has statistics on the latest payments, it shows that they order the most output to. This is a convenient payment system, it is easy to transfer money from it even to bank cards.

How profitable is it to make money with Fruitmoney?

Decent conditions for investors, you can calculate everything yourself using the level table. It shows how much you have to invest to get a tree of a certain level and for how much you can sell 1000 fruits:

Game for earnings Fruitmoney (project is closed)

The table is presented for apples, but they are not the most profitable. Better to buy apricots. For example, one such tree of the 3rd level costs 1600 rubles. Through a calculator on the site, you can easily calculate its profitability:

Game for earnings Fruitmoney (project is closed)

You invest a little more than a half thousand rubles and every month you get 418 rubles on the machine. Payback takes less than 4 months, and for a year the profit exceeds 317%.

Other games offer more favorable conditions, but here marketing is designed for long-term work. Let the percentage is not the highest, but you get a profit guaranteed.

How to start a game without an investment?

Not all newbies have start-up capital, and some are just afraid to invest in games. Such ways of earning really arouse suspicion, do they overfill you too? Then use one of the ways to start the game for free:

1. Bonuses

The first bonus is given for registration, a free apple tree from the start begins to bear fruit. In addition, there is a daily bonus. It must be collected every day in order to achieve the maximum amount (up to 1 rub.).

If you are lucky, you will need only 10 days to buy another apple.

Game for earnings Fruitmoney (project is closed)

2. Surfing sites

This way of earning is offered on all click sponsors. Just watch the sites, enter the captcha and get small rewards.

The highest payment is charged for viewing the site for 40 seconds with the active window (that is, you cannot switch to other tabs or minimize the browser):

Game for earnings Fruitmoney (project is closed)

3. Affiliate Program

The most effective way to raise start-up capital for deposits in fruit trees is to invite new members. 7% will be paid from their deposits, and if they attract someone, another 3% will come from their deposits.

In addition, 5% give away from a surfing order or 0. 005 rubles for each site visitation by referrals:

Game for earnings Fruitmoney (project is closed)

The last option is the best, and for inviting new participants Different promos are available (landings, banners, links). Create your site for this is not necessary, use referral referrals from social.networks.

Now is the perfect time to search for new participants, the game started not long ago, not everyone knows about it.

Contests and gifts from Fruitmoney

Active players are generously rewarded. The administration holds stable contests and gives 10,000 rubles each to TOP investors or referrals. In the table you can see how much money other players claiming the winner have already made:

Game for earnings Fruitmoney (project is closed)

As you can see, the amounts are impressive. Therefore, it is better to rely on an additional percentage of profitability. If you become the most generous investor today or this week, get 10% on top. The data is displayed in the "Leader Race" section:

Game for earnings Fruitmoney (project is closed)

10% is given for the first place, regardless of how long you become a leader. Encouraging prizes are provided for other participants, it is a great way to increase income from trees.

Reviews of Fruitmoney

Not many people shared their opinions about this project. Fruitmoney reviews are just starting to appear, moreover, both in textual versions and in the format of videos on YouTube.

The game is actively discussed at authoritative forums, most often there are such posts:

Game for earnings Fruitmoney (project is closed)

Users share not just their positive emotions, they confirm the honesty of the project with the payments received.

For a week of the site’s work, it’s difficult to draw conclusions, but one thing is for sure, this is a fair game with stable payouts and many advantages.

Unlike many economic games, the Fruitmoney project inspires confidence. Not only that the developers have gained a white reputation, but also pleases openness, thoughtful marketing and many ways to output without points.

The game will definitely hit the top and become one of the best.

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