Game Earnings for Dwarven Gold

You want to make money on the Internet, but computer games do not give you the opportunity to break away from them?

Try to combine business with pleasure, start playing economic games with which withdrawals are available.

Today, those who want to play and in parallel earn money have a wide choice of projects.

In-game earnings for Dwarven Gold are a great opportunity to consistently make a profit without doing almost anything.

All you need to do is hire a few dwarfs to mine the precious metal, and then only go into the system occasionally to collect it, sell it and remove it from the system.

Game Earnings for Dwarven Gold


Earn on gold of dwarfs!

For registering on this site they give one modest gnome , it is not the cheapest, therefore it brings every hour 370 crystals. By investing money in the game, you will buy other gnomes with different performance:

Game Earnings for Dwarven Gold

You can buy gold at the rate of 1 ruble = 100 gold, therefore the cheapest gnome-grumbler costs only 1 ruble . You can start with small amounts and gradually develop. Once a week or even a month, you need to visit your account to send crystals collected by your gnomes to the warehouse:

Game Earnings for Dwarven Gold

Then you can sell crystals without minimum limit and without delay :

Game Earnings for Dwarven Gold

Each hundred of gold is 50 rubles, and the money on the full machine is sent immediately to the account for withdrawal (a part is credited to the account for purchases). This can not be - many will argue, but do not rush to conclusions, as in this game there are some restrictions on payments.

To get them, you will need to collect points, and you can only get them for replenishing the balance by you or your referrals:

Game Earnings for Dwarven Gold

Each point is one ruble, therefore You will have to attract new users to this system. How to do it? You can tell about the game to your friends, place links on forums or on social networks and so on. The more active referrals you attract, the greater the amount you can withdraw.

Add-ons and Bonuses

The Gnomes Gold Game has quite a wide functionality, so it belongs to the type of the most interesting projects. Here you can use:

  • receiving a daily bonus from 1 to 100 gold;
  • risk bonus from -50 to +100 gold;
  • in the lottery you can buy tickets and participate in the draw 1000, 500 and 400 gold. 20 players buy tickets, and the system randomly chooses the winners;
  • standard KNB game will help increase the collected capital and have fun;
  • simple game Eagle-Reshka can also increase the amount on your balance;
  • in the game Dice, you can try to guess which face of the cube will fall out and get 6 times more than what was set;
  • when recharging your balance via Payeer, you get a 200% bonus.

You can quickly earn decent money on the gold of the dwarfs, but you should definitely evaluate your potential before doing this, because you cannot do without attracting referrals. If you are not sure, go through the registration anyway and collect the crystals, let them accumulate while you’ll figure out how to attract new players.

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