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  1. Advantages of the program
  2. Functional capabilities
  3. Who can benefit from the Wrike service

Back in 2006, programmer Andrei Filev created a beta version of the corporate governance system, which helped take control of the tasks assigned to employees by email. This is how the on-line Wrike service was born, which allows you to manage the work of specialists, organize teamwork and engage in project management.

Now more than 8 thousand companies in 120 countries use the system. Small teams of specialists of up to 5 people, united to carry out projects, can experience the possibilities of service for free with limited functionality. In addition to the desktop version, applications for iOS and Android are available to users, which allows you to always stay connected and monitor workflows anywhere in the world.

functionality - Profit Hunter

Advantages of the program

  1. Saving office jobs. You can delegate tasks to employees online, without collecting them in one place. This reduces office costs, eliminates the need for hourly wages in cases where the employee is not busy. Insurance premiums, the provision of jobs, vacations, sick leaves and other things as a result of remote cooperation are also not necessary, due to which the company saves the budget.
  2. Large selection of professionals. If the company is located in a small city where the number of specialists is limited, then you can choose from a huge number of freelancers anywhere in the world. Thus, it is possible to find a very valuable employee for a small fee.
  3. Wide functionality. You can distribute tasks using @ mentions of system users involved in the processes of companies or teams. The functionality allows you to discuss projects, attach files, integrate third-party services like Google Drive and email, use them in the Wrike interface, provide guest access to clients and so on.


  • Using projects created earlier as templates for solving new problems.
  • Integration with calendars from Google, Outlook, iCalendar. Due to this, the most important dates of events are always in sight, the work schedule of employees, the number of sick-lists, holidays and vacations are clearly regulated.
  • Setting up schedules for the implementation of tasks, tracking the progress of their implementation by a team of specialists. The service has a performance schedule that can be used to analyze work efficiency, the number of completed and uncompleted tasks. Compare work progress with plan and adjust production processes. functionality - Profit Hunter
  • Tracking employee time spent on tasks.
  • A rich toolkit for teamwork.
  • Enterprise-version of the online service for large-scale corporations

Who can benefit from the Wrike service

First , marketing and marketing teams to agencies. The multitasking of their work, including the use of advertising channels of traffic, promotion in social networks, SEO promotion, evaluation of site usability and so on, obliges the use of the system of distribution of duties between specialists.

Secondly, , product developers who work on a team or entire departments that need constant interaction with each other.

Thirdly , to project managers, managers. Monitoring the effectiveness of remote professionals is more difficult than those who work in the office. At the very least, without using project management systems like Wrike. Tracking the speed of work performance allows you to adjust plans, workload, connect other specialists to work, and all this in real time. As a result - completed projects and satisfied customers.

So, with Wrike. com you always know who is working on what, how the team is doing. Thanks to an advanced workflow analytics system, you can coordinate and direct specialists in the right direction, cut off inefficient and attract competent and creative workers. Register and try the service features for free!

functionality - Profit Hunter

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