Full identification qiwi wallet, instructions

In all payment systems, users are invited to use different types of wallets and, as a rule, they need to pass verification in order to gain access to all tools.

The QIWI payment system is not an exception; in order to raise the transaction limits, you need to go through a special check.

The identification of a Qiwi wallet is relatively not a complicated procedure, especially if you go through a simple check. Now we will explain in detail what needs to be done to identify Qiwi, and also show how to go through it.

According to the latest changes in legislation, now all payment systems are required to collect customer passport data, so be prepared to indicate this information.

Full identification qiwi wallet, instructions

How can I get identification in Kiwi?

Besides the fact that after identification there is a full functionality, this increases the limits of transfers. Depending on the verification procedure you pass, the limits may be different.

After logging in to the QIWI website, you need to go to the settings and there you will see your status, and also you can go to the identification :

Full identification qiwi wallet, instructions

First you need to go to the "Standard". Click "Get" and after opening a new page, fill in the form:

Full identification qiwi wallet, instructions

Fill in the form with real data, because later on this information you will undergo a full check.

If you need a wallet temporarily, and you do not want to enter real data, the most important thing is to indicate the existing series and passport number, as this is checked on the machine.

By filling in the data, you instantly get " Standard " and this is displayed in the settings:

Full identification qiwi wallet, instructions

Now you can go to the maximum identification kiwi. What is needed for this? You will need to personally visit:

  • office of KIWI Bank;
  • point of CONTACT system;
  • point of QIWI partners.

The last option may be the most convenient for you, since partners are located at different addresses and in different cities:

Full identification qiwi wallet, instructions

What you definitely need when Identification of a kiwi wallet, so these are the following documents:

Full identification qiwi wallet, instructions

If you are not a citizen of Russia, you will need to provide the data of the migration card and the passport of another state (another document confirming your identity).

After collecting all the documents and visiting the office, you transfer the data to an employee who fills out a special form with you. Wait a few minutes and then confirm the identification with a code that comes by SMS. After some time in the settings of your wallet, you will observe the following:

Full identification qiwi wallet, instructions

With maximum identification, you can leave up to 600,000 rubles on your account, carry out as many transactions as you want, transfer at once up to 200,000 rubles , and output no more than 20,000 rubles per day.

Should I get this status and pass the test? If you earn a little money online, then you can restrict the standard identification of kiwi. After its execution, you can easily withdraw money from the Qiwi wallet and direct transactions in different directions.

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