From advertising in social. networks can not refuse

Everybody has their own idea about online advertising. Some experts from this field pay attention to the fact that in social networks the spread of advertising does not bring good results, but here the problem is most likely not in the social services themselves. networks, and in the actions of those who conduct an advertising campaign.

From advertising in the social. networks can not refuse, it is an additional tool that can bring great benefits in the development of the project.

It is unlikely that thousands of managers of large companies from year to year devote a separate budget for advertising Vkontakte or Facebook just like that, and this is a good fact, proving the benefits of advertising in social networks.

From advertising in social. networks can not refuse

Social networks are also suitable for advertising

Why many people refuse to advertise in social. networks is not difficult to explain. First, using traditional advertising methods, they do not get good results. Secondly, the official advertising exchanges take a serious fee for the provision of advertising services.

In some cases, a click on Vkontakte advertising is even more expensive than in Yandex Direct for a good keyword.

But the disadvantages of advertising in social networks will not seem so significant, if we consider the positive aspects. The main advantage is the ability to control public opinion and the use of viral marketing.

In social networks there are buttons so that everyone can share an interesting post, but imagine if everyone repost your advertising publication solely at will. In this case, without paying a penny, you will receive new customers and the increase in popularity.

From advertising in social. networks can not refuse

The originality of advertising in the social. networks

When launching an advertising campaign on Facebook or Vkontakte, you need to change the usual methods. At one time, McDonald's tried to hold an interesting competition to gain popularity and invited everyone who wanted to give feedback on their activities in social networks.

Unfortunately, such a move by advertisers failed because most people made negative reviews. Of course, this had an impact on increasing popularity, but she was far from the one she had hoped for when launching the competition.

This is an excellent confirmation that before conducting advertising campaigns in social networks, it is necessary to correctly evaluate the prospects of each option.

How can you save on such advertising?

Not only large companies, but also owners of small websites, startups, bloggers and many others want to distribute advertising in social networks. They simply have no money for the use of official advertising exchanges, but there is a way out.

The mass of different systems offers alternative methods of promotion on Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte and other similar systems.

For example, through Wmmail, you can order as many reposts as your advertisements and pay only 1 cent for each of them. You can find highly visited user profiles for advertising on their pages.

Through the proposed low-cost placement of advertising posts in groups and public.

Is it worth it to use social networks for advertising, everyone decides for himself, but do not believe the conjectures of people who claim that this type of advertising does not bring any benefit.

Look for suitable ways to attract traffic and distribute advertising specifically for social. networks, this may be much more effective than many other advertising options.

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