FriendFeed - the last stage of “warm-up” - Profit Hunter

Before proceeding with the first lesson of the Marathon, we need to get rid of one more warm-up tail. This is the FriendFeed service. If in a nutshell, this service gathers together the information that a person places on various social sites and gives it’s in one place.

These sites:

FriendFeed - the last stage of “warm-up” - Profit Hunter

For FriendFeed to pick up your feeds from these sites, all you have to do is enter your nickname or URL, or something that the service asks for (he does not ask for passwords).

This is how, for example, the friend’s Ed looks like (you can find it at http: // friendfeed. com / eddale):

FriendFeed - the last stage of “warm-up” - Profit Hunter

B right here you can leave a comment, vote for a note, put a link to it, share it with others. As you can see, everything is tied up here: Twitter posts, video clips, blog posts, and Shared Items with Google Reader, and any other garbage Friend

FriendFeed also allows you to create your own “rooms” - Rooms, where you can discuss current questions, ask questions and drop useful links. This feature is useful for those who will work in a group (by the way: if you decide to join the group, go to the end - the success of others will depend on you, and vice versa). Ed Dale organized a marathon room at this address. If you want, you can subscribe to the feed, sometimes practical advice skips there (though all in bourgeois).

In general, the service is good. Moreover, it is not necessary to use it for its intended purpose. Its main benefit for those who do not particularly like socialism (that is, for me too) is that it allows you to collect all the information from all social sites that are in his arsenal for a split second.

To do this, you just need to type in the search bar

FriendFeed - the last stage of “warm-up” - Profit Hunter

if you want to find information on a query on a particular site, for example, on Digg or YouTube , use advanced search. From the start of this option is not visible, it appears after the system performs a general search.

FriendFeed - the last stage of “warm-up” - Profit Hunter

Another important point: you can embed a FriendFeed search directly into your browser and subscribe to the RSS feed of any user, room, request — anything this service can provide .

And again: the direct links that appear on the pages of the FriendFeed nofollow attribute is not put 😉

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