Frequent mistakes investing in HYIPs

Pyramids and HYPs are created on the Internet in whole bundles, and if you think you don’t really make big money on them, you are greatly mistaken.

I myself thought so before, but now I completely changed my mind, since it is the pyramids that bring the main part of my arrived.

Not everyone is able to get decent money from the pyramids, since they do not act correctly.

This article contains 10 errors of investing in HYIPs. Be sure to disassemble them and those "high-yield" projects will turn into a worthy source of profit for you too.

Frequent mistakes investing in HYIPs

HYIPs are a scam!

About a year ago I was sure that all investments in websites offering quick paybacks are a hoax. Now everything has changed, and you know why? Because every day I withdraw more than 10 000 rubles from:

Frequent mistakes investing in HYIPs

These are statistics only from one project , in parallel I use other games with money withdrawal. But this is not what some people say, no matter how it is, these are ordinary pyramids where it is necessary to invite people in order to derive their income.

Were you convinced that such systems really make good profits? Now let's deal with the errors that beginners allow:

  1. I will put everything in one project! Having found some interesting site with favorable conditions for investment, beginners lose their heads and all that they have saved, they put at stake. It is strictly forbidden to do this, HYIPs are closed from time to time, therefore, capital must be divided and invested in different systems.
  2. I will take a loan and get rich! After looking at the interest rates, some users try to find as much money as possible to become an investor. This is a rake that is better to get around. Use only the money that is considered free (which is not absolutely necessary).
  3. I do not know how to attract referrals, and this is not necessary! First of all, the pyramids are beneficial because they encourage active partners. No matter how much you invest, until you begin to invite new customers, you are unlikely to be given the opportunity to order payments in excess of the deposit.
  4. I was told that the site is paying! Periodically people write to me that they were lured to the site and after recharging the balance, it became inaccessible. Don't take the word, every project needs to be checked, for this there are the best SEO forums and reviews systems.
  5. The site has been working for a long time, which means reliable! To be honest, I pay attention to the term of life myself, but this is not such an important indicator. Some sites stop working after ten years of existence, however, if the project runs for a long time, it is better than sites that were open a week ago.
  6. Measure seven times, cut one! With this approach, some users are waiting for something and continue to think about whether to invest. As long as you think the project’s audience is growing, and with it, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract new members. Do not hesitate, they decided, then do business.
  7. I will scroll the money for a long time, it is profitable! Sometimes it is really profitable, because the long-lived hapses in the future become more profitable. However, I do not recommend investing heavily at the expense of profits. Better withdraw it, and develop only with additional funds.
  8. I will invest the ruble and earn a million! It is even ridiculous that someone expects to turn a trifle into a suitcase of money through HYIPs. They are decently earned only by referrals and the organizers themselves. Do not dream of a huge passive profit with minimal investment.
  9. The best HYIP gives 10 000% per day! How to believe in fairy tales, it is better to carefully study the rules. You should be alarmed by overly favorable conditions. It's just physically impossible to pay users even 100% in 24 hours, be realistic.
  10. Keep money safe in the pyramids! Maybe the sites themselves are of high security, only they can close at any moment, so everything that is going on the balance sheet should be transferred to payment systems. I myself go to all economic games every day to order payments.

Is it worth it to invest in HYIPs? Of course, because they can come with real money, just need to immediately find out where the rakes are laid out and bypass them.

Frequent mistakes investing in HYIPs

Are you afraid to invest in the pyramids, but strongly want to invest money at interest? Try PAMM investing, brokers do not close, and your capital will be managed by an experienced trader.

In conclusion, I would also like to give practical advice - do not invite friends and relatives to such systems.

Imagine that one of them is stupid and takes a loan, after which you lose everything, how will you look into his eyes? Understand the mechanisms of work of HYIPs and you will understand that in them investors earn less than partners.

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