Freelancers need healthy sleep, the problem of remote workers

At first glance, the work of a freelancer is quite attractive, you can sleep for as long as you want, choose projects yourself, make yourself a regular weekend and work as hard as your financial situation requires. Unfortunately, there is one big “But”, free work is not for everyone.

Freelancers need a healthy sleep, and in the constant turmoil and "influx" of orders, this can be a serious problem. In addition, many people who independently distribute working time and setting workloads have a desire to earn as much as possible, and in order to allocate time, they limit sleep.

Freelancers need healthy sleep, the problem of remote workers

One of the problems of remote workers

Constant lack of sleep, feelings and other consequences of working with a free schedule and lack of stability may not only to a bad mood, but the problems are much more serious.

Sleep is the best way to restore strength and vitality, you should try not to limit sleep, taking time to work, but to strive to increase productivity. In other words, do not sit “sleepy” all day, slowly doing the work, but have a good sleep and do all the work in a few hours.

This option is much better, and you should definitely take care of your health, especially since you have chosen a sedentary job.

Freelancers need healthy sleep, the problem of remote workers

Dry facts

All these statements may not seem to be sufficiently substantiated to you, but you just have to refer to the official data that was received after conducting a series of experiments. For example, after a week of unhealthy sleep, most people simply lose their desire to work. If the desire remains, then there is not enough strength to fulfill the established workload.

Also, because of inadequate sleep, psychological problems appear, in particular, people are not able to competently act in unforeseen situations.

Healthy sleep is needed by freelancers, as well as employees from any other sphere. A free schedule and unspecified volumes of work are good, but you need to remember that it is impossible to buy health, and therefore it needs to be preserved initially and try to maintain it at the proper level.

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