Freelancers - announcers, selling their voices

Remote workers have long been divided into several categories, depending on the work being done. For example, freelancers are divided into copywriters, designers, programmers, content managers, optimizers, broadcasters, etc. Freelancers are broadcasters, these are performers who sell “their voice”.

Every day, the relevance of textual information is increasingly lost on the Internet, which is why many site owners in addition to articles use video and audio content format. You can create such content yourself, but not everyone has a clear diction, correct pronunciation and a pleasant voice, so freelancers - announcers are in demand.

On freelance exchanges there are a lot of proposals for the work of remote broadcasters. It is proposed to voice a commercial, create audio books, develop educational material and much more. If you can do this kind of work, then such activity may be the best option for you to make money.

Freelancers - announcers, selling their voices

How to make money for a speaker?

On specialized sites that provide voice acting, for 5 minutes, “voices” require from 2 to 4 thousand rubles, which is very high cost. Starting work as a speaker, it is better to lower the price and get several orders that will allow you to create a portfolio, as well as increase the rating on the stock exchange.

Even for 1 hour, they will pay you 100 rubles each, this will be the first step towards more productive earnings .

To start your career as a freelancer - announcer, you will not need to make any contributions, and your voice will be the “goods”. Its features must be used to the maximum without losing any opportunity.

Agree, to earn on your own voice, this is really the work that does not require mastery of complex skills from the performer, and also has a number of other advantages, for example, a free schedule.

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