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It is difficult to imagine how a large audience of users every day is immersed in the sphere of freelancing.

Many people dream of making money online, and one of the best options to become a remote worker is to use the freelance exchanges () and start looking for a job.

Hundreds of thousands of people are already successfully working in the network, perhaps you have already joined the ranks of distant workers.

How successful are you a freelancer? Comparing yourself with other users is not worth it; it is better to make an objective assessment of your activity by asking yourself a few simple questions.

Freelancer, the path to success | Workion. ru

  1. What have you achieved over the past year? If your career is in place and practically does not develop, then you can make two conclusions. Either you are not actively working hard, or you are doing something wrong. When there is no career growth, the prospects sharply become not so attractive, and because of this the motivation decreases. Try to calculate what has changed over the last year and if you don’t remember anything significant, start changing something.
  2. How much does your income grow each year? In continuation of the previous question, it is necessary to focus attention on profits. Again, if in comparison with last year there are no changes in profitability, something urgently needs to be changed. You do not have to give up the sphere of freelancing, you can try to find mistakes in your work and try to correct them.
  3. Do you depend on customers? Freelancers are always dependent on customers, this is understandable, but some remote workers are completely dependent on 2-3 regular customers. And what if they one by one refuse to cooperate or disappear? If in such a situation you remain without work, then hurry up to prepare for it. The greater the customer base and sources of customers, the better, do not expect that people will work with you for 10 years and pay stably.
  4. Are you a freelancer or a businessman? In part, every freelancer is a businessman, but some remain forever "constrained" by employees who are virtually indistinguishable from office clerks. Well, if you answer this question “I am a businessman,” how good is your business? It is possible that it is time to develop your business and go to a new level, applying your skills.

Freelancer, the path to success | Workion. ru

According to statistics, most freelancers consider themselves to be unsuccessful, but if you develop, income grows, the base of regular customers increases and you turn into a full-fledged entrepreneur, then you should not underestimate yourself.

Successful freelancing is also a result of , which not everyone can achieve.

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