Freelancehunt - Freelance Exchange Review

By the number of freelancers, Ukraine ranks first in the countries of the former USSR.

Ukrainians actively use remote work, and for some it is the main source of profit. In order to consistently receive orders, develop and earn well, you need to use all available exchanges.

The Ukrainian Freelance Exchange helps to find first-class specialists and find a part-time job for a professional from any area.

Nearly 150,000 performers are registered here. This project is also suitable for freelancers, because orders made through it almost 60,000 clients from all over the world .

Freelancehunt - Freelance Exchange Review

Find a freelancer at Freelancehunt

It can be very difficult to find someone to whom you can assign some duties. Where to find a copywriter, optimizer, designer? For this, the project was created freelance.

Experienced freelancers have always added a portfolio, you can see examples of completed work on the site:

Freelancehunt - Freelance Exchange Review

The site suggests creating orders in two formats - these are contests and projects. The first involves getting the work done and choosing the best one. As for projects, this is a normal order through which you can order something specific or open a vacancy:

Freelancehunt - Freelance Exchange Review

The interface is simple and straightforward, there are no problems. Pay attention to the item "Payment". Exchange developers suggest using Safe to conduct secure transactions.

The contractor receives the money only after all the requirements of the client are fulfilled. Although it is unlikely you will come across a scam if you choose the best freelancers. They have their own pages on the stock exchange, they contain examples of work, ratings and reviews:

Freelancehunt - Freelance Exchange Review

Do not rush to make a choice, consider all candidates. Also compare prices, some performers overestimate them too much. By the way, no one cancels the bargain, drop the price, if the freelancer has few orders, he will definitely agree to your offer.

Earnings at Freelancehunt

Now let's talk about making money with freelance hunts. After passing the usual registration (with verification of the phone number), you get access to various orders. Due to the great popularity, in this exchange there are constantly new offers:

Freelancehunt - Freelance Exchange Review

Be careful, some orders may be created by scammers. Sometimes too much money is offered for hard work, and sometimes projects are created to spam and advertise.

Fighting these users is easy, there is a special function:

Freelancehunt - Freelance Exchange Review

In addition to regular orders, contests are created on the exchange. They are held in an auction format. You go to the section, find an interesting contest, add your work and, if the customer considers it the best, you will receive money:

Freelancehunt - Freelance Exchange Review

There are many functions on the Freelancehunt exchange. For example, you can filter orders or add other users to your team (both customers and performers).

Here you can find the most diverse work:

  • writing texts;
  • programming;
  • earnings for doctors on the Internet ;
  • website development;
  • paid consultations;
  • writing reviews;
  • attracting the target audience.

This is just a small selection of various activities. There is free space for everyone on the Internet, just need to know where to look.

Freelancehunt has a great alternative -

. There are also many performers and customers on this freelance market.

Order the services of freelancers and earn freelance. Money is easily withdrawn from the stock exchange to the Webmoney payment system. Find a job to your liking or suitable for knowledge, work on the Internet.

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