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It is impossible to unlearn for a freelancer at an institute, but you can get certain skills that come in handy when working remotely.

Freelancers engage in various activities, their income is directly dependent on the quality of the work and additional skills (communication, advertising services, etc.).

In this article we will look at the freelancing profession, and you will be able to choose one of them in order to start earning too, without leaving your home.

Do not take up any activity, choose what really suits you, each has his own skills, therefore, with the right choice of profession, the chances of success are much greater.

Freelance professions in demand | Workion. ru

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Through the Internet, many people want to make money, but simply do not know what to do. After reading this article, all questions will disappear, we will consider all types of activity of freelancers, for convenience, dividing them into several categories:

  1. Text content.

The World Wide Web is actively filling up, and real professionals are working on content development. Articles are extracted by various methods, freelancers beginners often choose such an activity, because here you can apply any knowledge. Work with text content is divided into the following areas:

Copywriting - when choosing this method of creating articles, the author uses his own knowledge and experience. Texts are written without primary sources (although they come in handy). It is better to go for SEO copywriting, creating optimized articles, since they pay more for them.

Rewriting is a simplified way of creating articles, since it uses other people's materials. There is high-quality content in the network, after which it is copied in your own words. Most often this is used to fill news portals.

Translations - with knowledge of a foreign language, you can create articles based on foreign information. In burzhunete much more texts, each of them can be translated and sold, it is not prohibited.

Working with content is much easier than learning a programming language, learning how to work with graphic editors, and so on. That is why such an activity is not the most profitable.

Freelance professions in demand | Workion. ru
  1. Graphics and photos.

The services of quality designers are in great demand. We have already presented 8 freelance exchanges for designers, you can use them to search for orders and advertisers.

In this niche, larger money is spinning, but without talent for creativity it is unlikely to be able to achieve anything. This area includes the freelance profession:

Web designer is the most common direction for creative people. To do this, it is enough to use any graphic editor. The essence of the work is to develop all kinds of objects, starting with logos, ending with banners.

Illustrator is a person engaged in art and creating a wide variety of drawings. Now it is relevant in the network, pictures are needed for advertising, filling sites and even videos.

3D designer is a relatively new area for earnings, which requires professional knowledge. On freelance exchanges for such orders pay decent money, and you can use earnings on 3D models with Shapeways.

On the Internet, designers are open all the way to successful freelancing, only not all achieve good results. First, you have to constantly turn to find new customers. Secondly, competition is increasing every year.

  1. Programming and site building.

In the age of information technology, every tenth person thinks about opening his own website. In addition, large companies and owners of promoted sites want to add something unique, for which they need a professional programmer.

A specialist from this niche has many chances to realize his potential using one of the professions:

Webmaster - this person is engaged in all phases of website development. His duties can include anything from the launch of the site to its content. Creating a single site can bring an average monthly salary of an office worker.

Programmer - people who can program and know languages ​​can also apply their skills in different directions. For example, a programmer can develop additional site functions, browser plugins, and more.

The coder —the site assembly is required before launching the site. The webmaster installs the engine, the designer draws the design, and the layout designer combines all of this. The work is not difficult, if you understand the basic nuances.

We have already told how to make money for a programmer on the Internet.In this article, the most popular methods were collected, but you can go to the freelance exchanges and take one of the professions.

Freelance professions in demand | Workion. ru
  1. Marketing and Advertising.

Large companies allocate hundreds of thousands of rubles for advertising campaigns on the Internet. A large budget does not guarantee a good return, sometimes it is possible to promote a brand at minimal cost. What's the secret? You need to look for a good specialist.

The most popular freelancing professions in this niche are as follows:

Optimizer - is engaged in setting parameters of sites that help to reach high positions. Why is this profession related to advertising? Because the activity of the employee is associated with an increase in attendance.

Contextual Specialist - contextual advertising is a separate area, since it is impossible to advertise in Yandex Direct or on Adwords without certain knowledge. Such pros even take to the state.

Specialist in promotion - this includes those freelancers who are engaged in all kinds of site promotion. In part, their activity is connected with optimization (building up the reference mass, placing teasers, etc.), but the specialty is narrowed.

It’s more and more difficult to find a good advertiser; in this niche, many pretend to be professionals, without even understanding the elementary psychological techniques that affect potential customers. Therefore, marketing knowledge is highly valued.

  1. Social Networks.

Even government agencies now use social networks for various purposes. Naturally, entrepreneurs and site owners understand how important it is to conduct advertising campaigns on such sites. Also, they try to collect the target audience in groups. TOP freelance professions in social. networks looks like this:

SMM - activity is connected with increasing awareness in social networks. The duties of the employee consist of a complex of various measures, including ordering advertisements, developing viral content, and so on.

SMO - you can compare the activities of professionals from this field with optimizers. They are engaged in the creation of sites on social resources and set up the necessary parameters to attract maximum attention.

Administration - recently, such vacancies are increasingly appearing on freelance exchanges. Community administrators need to communicate with people, post posts, create information, and so on.

In social networks, newbies are also trying to find professions, considering this to be a simple activity. In fact, without a high level of knowledge, nothing will turn out. This is due to the fact that competition is too high.

Freelance professions in demand | Workion. ru
  1. Other professions.

Some freelancers are engaged in alternative activities, receiving good deductions. In fact, there are a lot of types of professions on the Internet; absolutely any talents and skills can be applied. Here are a few non-standard options:

Internet retailer is a fairly popular method of earning, when you have to cooperate with the owners of online stores. Roughly speaking, this is a remote consultant in a store that offers goods, communicates with customers and performs other functions.

Affiliate Manager - generally speaking, such professionals support affiliate programs. They come up with new ways of cooperation, launch different conditions and attract partners.

Transcription is an interesting way to make money in the field of freelancing, involving the transfer of audio files to text format. For example, you are given a recording of a two-hour interview that you need to reprint.

Examples can be cited to infinity, because freelancers have many different activities. Some even manage to make money by posting ads or simply being an intermediary.

Freelance - stable work on the Internet, which is engaged in thousands of people. Despite the lack of formal employment, this activity is attractive, because it does not even require leaving your home.

Having considered what the freelancing profession is, you have a general idea of ​​remote earnings. Now you can go to one of the exchanges and see the available vacancies. Try to do this, even as a part-time job, this is quite a profitable business.

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