Freelance Dumping, who is more likely to dump?

Given the trends in the development of freelancing and the emergence of many workers on the Internet who are beginning to build their careers, dumping began to appear. Dumping is a significant understatement, thanks to which employees manage to attract the attention of employers.

Dumping in freelancing is a standard phenomenon experienced by many remote workers. By setting the minimum cost for their services, remote workers receive many orders, which naturally causes problems for professionals.

Freelance Dumping, who is more likely to dump?

Who dumps more often?

As a rule, these are beginners who are ready to work practically for nothing to receive orders . Naturally, low cost attracts employers, and due to dumping, newcomers of distant earnings get a chance to develop their careers.

Starting a freelancer career can be very difficult, because customers are trying to use the services of professionals, therefore, in order to fulfill the first orders, create a portfolio, gain positive feedback, as well as acquire some popularity, beginners use the available options .

Go to

and see for yourself how much different prices freelancers offer depending on experience and how often customers choose a profitable collaboration with newbies.

One of the most important issues related to dumping in freelancing is "Does dumping affect the overall quality of work of freelancers?". Of course, it does, because only beginners are actively dumping, and, given this, it is already possible to draw conclusions about the quality of their work.

Freelance Dumping, who is more likely to dump?

Some newbies do the job correctly, but the overall quality percentage indicates that in most cases, customers are not satisfied with the quality of the newbie’s work done.

There are cases when dumping is used by experienced freelancers who, due to the low number of orders, are forced to take some action.

Unfortunately, dumping in freelancing continues to evolve and nothing can be done about it. If you are in search of a remote worker, you will definitely notice that prices for the same services may differ significantly.

Choose a professional at a standard price, or cooperate with a newcomer while reducing your own expenses, that’s your business.

After I had to use the services of freelancers, I made certain conclusions for myself and I would vote for the option of using the services of experienced workers, even if they cost more.

Dumping prices is a chance for a novice freelancer

In essence, freelancing itself is dumping, because employees on the Internet interrupt orders from real companies.

Although the demand for the services of companies remains, at least, among serious customers. Why? Because it is almost impossible to secure any guarantees from a person whom you have not even seen.

For example, it is unlikely that anyone will decide to pay for the development of the corporate style of a new cellular operator. For such purposes, real contracts are concluded, cooperation is established with real professionals.

Companies themselves often cut budgets to save money. For example, if they need to develop a design, and in a real company they take 40,000 rubles for it.

They allocate 20,000 rubles and offer freelancers to do the work. The winner is a joyful client and freelancer who does not pay taxes, works on himself and does not even leave the house.

We will use such a tricky one as dumping correctly, because due to reduced prices, customers may doubt professionalism.

Although there will definitely be those who take advantage of the best deals. Only you need to understand that by lowering prices, you are giving up large profits, so this is only suitable for development.

Examples of dumping

There is a deliberate reduction in rates to entice customers in all niches. Often, new companies put the lowest prices, interest the target audience, unwind, and then raise the price. A common trick that actually works in freelancing.

To show an illustrative example, let's see how many articles are from different authors on:

Freelance Dumping, who is more likely to dump?

See, from a copywriter who takes only 15 rubles for 1000 characters 77 positive reviews, and the one who sells texts for 90 rubles for 1000 characters, a total of 19 reviews, in addition, there are 4 negative reviews.

To understand whose services from these copywriters are more in demand, just go to the statistics:

Freelance Dumping, who is more likely to dump?

As you can see, due to the low quotations, the second copywriter completed more than 2000 more orders. Here you have an example of dumping, helping beat out orders and collect positive feedback.

When this novice gets around his opponent’s rating and collects a database of regular customers, you can be sure that prices will be much higher.

Even professionals sometimes lower the prices of services in order to attract attention. This is a great way to promote, and if someone likes working with you, higher rates will not be a barrier.

Most customers are confident that "If they do well, then it is better to overpay." Spin up your accounts, the concept of dumping is no longer new to you.

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