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Today, storing and distributing files on the Internet is a common occurrence. Earnings on file sharing services is always a demanded niche, because there is always something to offer and to whom. This market is for everyone. Downloading or posting for download all and sundry: musicians, doctors, hackers, moneymakers, etc. Do you know such large file sharing services as Depositfiles, Letitbit, UploadBox, FreeShare? Fine. Although today it is not about them.

In the file sharing niche, there is another large file sharing service that I want to dwell on today. And that expensive pleases many webmasters with their payouts and earnings conditions . Closer to the point - this is

FreeFolder. com

When I first visited this site, I didn’t immediately understand that it was a file sharing service. Having visited dozens of versions or similar resources, the thought arose that FreeFolder is just another version. Looking and walking the site, changed his mind. And here is the first difference from other file hosting services:

  • Easy navigation through the resource
  • Very friendly design (as for me)
  • Files are cataloged: movies are separate, music is separate and etc.

FreeFolder. com - high-quality earnings for webmasters - Profit Hunter

  • When searching for a file of interest to you, the output of the results occurs immediately along with the typing of a word. For example, we are looking for films about Dr. House. In the search field, type " House "

FreeFolder. com - high-quality earnings for webmasters - Profit Hunter

Okay. OK What's next? Once I have come, let's continue. I myself am from a number of webmasters, and my question is appropriate:

What are the conditions for partners?

Without thinking twice, I press the button " Partners ", I read:

The FreeFolder Affiliate Program provides webmasters with a wide choice of earning opportunities , both with and without your own website. By registering as a partner, you can choose the most convenient and profitable way to work for your particular case, from using your site as a platform and actively distributing links to simply uploading files to the service, which requires minimum effort and can bring serious profits to owners of personal media collections .

I will note a few keywords that are pleasant to the webmaster’s ear: opportunities , profits , minimum effort , personal media collections .

Great. Where to get files for issue on download? The Internet is a bottomless environment. Torrents, Varezniki, various file libraries - unlimited sources of information. Think of something to do. If music, then create your media collection on your site, put links to your files on FreeFolder and that's it. The rest is to catch up on your website.

What are the earnings conditions for webmasters? It is known that file hosting offer to make money on:

  1. Sell Gold, VIP or Premium accounts. So, FreeFolder sells Platinim account at the best price. For example, at Depositfiles it costs $ 68.90, at Letitbit - $ 60, at UploadBox - $ 54. 99. FreeFolder - 50. $ 95 .
  2. To 75% from the purchase of Platinum accounts
  3. Referral deductions 10%
  4. Platinum-account for a year as a gift to all partners with a turnover of more than $ 100
  5. ...

Further terms of earnings for lazy or near-lazy webmasters, and for those who make minimal gestures and reduce all the work to the machine:

  1. If you don’t have your own files to upload to FreeFolder, it’s not a problem. You can place links from the FreeFolder directory on your website and earn
  2. . You can place links to FreeFolder files on your website by third parties. This is suitable for co-sponsoring your site. That is, you create a platform, and other users fill it. You are an advertiser.
  3. Post links to already existing FreeFolder files on your website and also earn on it
  4. ...
  5. ... and this is not the end

In short , we go in, register and work. While I was writing a post here, lucrative thoughts ran through my head. We must catch them. So what, I went. And to you, SUCCESSES in the file-sharing field FileFolder .

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