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One of the drawbacks of Blogun is its limitations in language. There are only Russian-language blogs. And how sometimes you need to refer to your projects from a foreign blog? Such links not bad increase traffic from Google.

That is why I would like to draw attention to a new solution called OmegaLinks. A feature of this system is precisely multilingualism.

Well, of course, I would like to say about some of the nice features of the system:

  • advertisers with good advertising budgets were attracted in honor of the opening.
  • All blogs with pr are more than 2 bonus from each sale in the system.
  • No commission for advertisers.
  • The system commission for bloggers is only 10%.
  • 50% of the profit of the system goes to referrals.
  • international system.
  • The system is primarily focused on English-language blogs.
  • A simple and convenient interface without any frills.

Advantageous conditions for advertisers, as well as adequate prices in the system, allow us to count on a rapid increase in profits from this system.

In general, an excellent system for Russian bloggers who like to write something in other languages โ€‹โ€‹๐Ÿ™‚

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