Freebie on the Internet. How to get freebies on the Internet?

The word " Freebie " is often found on the Internet, but everyone is used to it and try not to pay attention to it.

Unfortunately, fraudsters often use the carelessness of users, but there is a real freebie on the Internet. Sitting at home at the computer, you can get it in different ways.

In this article we have collected several options for getting freebies on the Internet. No contributions, downloads and installations, collect money and things just like that. You just need to find time to use these methods and the desire to get as much as possible.

Freebie on the Internet. How to get freebies on the Internet?

1. Collect bonuses.
Virtual freebie can be different, for example, it can be bonuses to e-wallets, cash rewards in gaming services for registering or even rewards for visiting sites. In the article Cash Bonuses on the Internet, you have compiled a list of all sites where you can get money just like that.

Bonuses on Webmoney are very popular, but you can also collect them on the wallets of other payment systems.

For example, you can open a Bitcoin account and use sites to collect bonuses, which we described in the Bitcoin Earnings article. The rate of this currency is impressive, so even minor bonuses will be profitable.

2. Easy money.
Some ways to make money online can also be compared to getting freebies. For example, on the site Wmmail pay money for visiting sites through surfing or reading emails.

Freebie on the Internet. How to get freebies on the Internet?

Freebie on the Internet. How to get freebies on the Internet?

Just go to the sites of advertisers and collect money for it. Why does anyone pay for it? So site owners wind their attendance.

In addition to the click sponsor Wmmail, you can use easy ways of making money on other projects:

  • Seosprint (browsing websites and easy tasks);
  • (browsing websites and tasks );
  • (captcha entry);
  • (simple tasks in the program);
  • (easy tasks right on the site);
  • (payment for likes, additions of friends and introductions to Vkontakte groups);
  • (they pay for different actions in popular social networks).

There are many other ways to get money practically just like that, we tell about them in the articles from the section "Ways of Earnings".

3. Stuff freebie.
Want to get a new T-shirt, stickers, baseball cap, badge, circle or pen for free? You can use the forum and find a huge number of sites where you need to perform some actions to send you something by mail. Here is a great example:

Freebie on the Internet. How to get freebies on the Internet?

The author has posted a link to the site where they give the cap, wrote what needs to be done to get it. You just have to use the finished instructions. As a rule, such a freebie is distributed on foreign resources, so be prepared to register and fill in different forms in a foreign language.

The network has a lot of freebies, but it will have to look for and spend time collecting. In any case, this is not a job, but everyone likes pleasant bonuses. Try to use one of the options from our article, you will definitely succeed.

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