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A great way to increase traffic to your resource, as well as creating an additional source of traffic, is to launch a newsletter.

Many newbies know that you can create an email list and attract subscribers while earning money through affiliate programs or in collaboration with direct advertisers.

Free newsletter to - ideal, both for maintaining a separate newsletter, and to supplement your resource.

A huge number of mailings are already being conducted through this system and there are a lot of articles on this topic on the Internet. And in order to launch your newsletter, you just need to register, there is a free tariff.

Free Subscribe | Workion. ru

How to start a subscription to Subscribe?

When you are registered, go to the “Set Subscriptions” section and click the appropriate button for launch your mailing:

Free Subscribe | Workion. ru

After that, a large form will appear, which will need to be correctly filled out. There are hints under each field, so you shouldn’t get confused:

Free Subscribe | Workion. ru

When filling out the newsletter, be careful, each field plays an important role in the future development of the traffic source. As soon as you enter all the information, your newsletter will be launched, and you will receive a notification about it:

Free Subscribe | Workion. ru

By default, your newsletter will fall into the category of Bronze. This is the status of all new mailings that are not published in the catalog and are not displayed in the news. There are several levels to which you will proceed in parallel with the development of your project:

Free Subscribe | Workion. ru

Also, you can try to write the first letter to deal with the interface. The editor is simple:

Free Subscribe | Workion. ru

Under this editor, there are tools for specifying digests, attaching files, adding menus, and other settings.

Exactly everything is free?

When you create a newsletter, you will be able to choose which newsletter you will conduct. Free has 2 obvious drawbacks.

  1. First, it cannot be used for commercial purposes.
  2. Secondly, the Subscribe administration will add its own ads.

Therefore, it is better to pay 1800 for a corporate newsletter:

Free Subscribe | Workion. ru

This is a relatively small amount, considering all the benefits of the service’s functionality. By paying this money, you will be able to place ads in letters, as well as your Subscribers will not receive ads from Subscribe administration.

Mailings in the Subscribe system is a great way to create a source of traffic. You can start your newsletter right now without paying anything. When enough unwind the source, go to another tariff and will use the newsletter for commercial purposes.

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