Free panel for monitoring sites and links PanelWM - Profit Hunter

Free panel for monitoring sites and links PanelWM - Profit Hunter

The topic of the post today is an overview of the panel for monitoring sites and links PanelWM, free, but with all the features necessary for the optimizer and the webmaster. This script is free, easy to set up and work, and with good support, which is rare for many free products.

What PanelWM Can Do.

The panel contains several modules that perform the following operations:

  • Constant monitoring of the availability and correct operation of sites;
  • Removal of the main indicators of sites in search engines and statistics services ;
  • Checking the positions occupied by sites for certain keywords in Google and Yandex;
  • Selection and control of external links.

Free panel for monitoring sites and links PanelWM - Profit Hunter

Of course, almost all of these functions can be found in other services, but they do not have solutions that allow you to conveniently combine all these operations, make reports dynamically, instantly notify the user about problems and violations of work, in addition, some of these services are paid, and some offer fairly limited functions on the number of checks per day or on the number of sites.

For example, the main indicators of sites and their search positions are collected by the panel on the basis of services such as the SERP parser and Site-auditor, but unlike them, the script does the analysis for free and without restrictions on the number of sites.

The separate module that the script first began to implement was the checking of external links and their selection by the specified parameters. The panel works directly with your links on the Rotapost and Blogun exchanges (when synchronized with your account), and all the links you add for tracking manually.

Free panel for monitoring sites and links PanelWM - Profit Hunter

Control of purchased links

Every day, all backlinks are scanned for the presence on the specified site, the accuracy of the link text, and openness indexing parameters of the donor site itself. If the link is unavailable, removed or changed site parameters, the script will notify you of this immediately in the way you chose for urgent alerts.

If necessary, you can easily select the appropriate links for purchase: simply load the list into a special form, set the necessary parameters and press the check button - as a result you have at your disposal a list of sites where links can be purchased. . All information on purchased links is conveniently stored in the panel itself: when added, a detailed form opens in which you can enter the advertiser’s contacts, the term of placement, special conditions of purchase, etc.

Function that the webmaster cannot do without - control over the accessibility of all his sites. It often happens that the hoster blocks the site without warning, the database unexpectedly drops or a server error occurs.

A module with the name “Pingovalka” solves this problem: it pings your sites at a specified interval, and, based on the response received, analyzes their work, and in case of problems sends you a notification not only about unavailability, but also about its cause .

Flexible settings

The whole script is designed so that each webmaster can turn it into a perfect tool for yourself, whether it’s an optimizer with several promotion sites or a webmaster owning a satellite grid. In the settings, you can set the necessary parameters for selecting links for purchase, indicators of sites that need to be checked and separately - which ones need to be displayed in reports, the frequency of ping to check availability, and much more. And with the help of the task scheduler in conjunction with the work of the cron hosting, all these actions are performed automatically, all you have to do is to look through the reports and react to the problems in a timely manner. Recently, due to problems with some hosts, cron can be launched in two ways: via the console and via http.

By setting up event notifications as convenient for you, you will always be aware of everything that happens with your sites and links.


The main goal of the script is to promptly provide the webmaster with relevant information on all of its sites. To do this, in addition to frequent checks and the ability to generate convenient reports, a notification system has been developed: you can set up sending messages via email or icq, by sms to a mobile phone or directly in notifications in the panel itself. In addition, for users leading a mobile lifestyle, applications for Windows and Android devices have been developed, with which you can work with a script and receive problem notifications and reports directly to a tablet or phone. In 2014, the release of a similar application for iOS is planned.

Free panel for monitoring sites and links PanelWM - Profit Hunter


Updates and Script Support.

Webmaster panel script updates occur about once a month or two, and are performed with the click of a button. After a few seconds, the script will update to the current version.Each update is an improvement and adding functionality, correcting possible errors. Users are involved in this process, directing developers with questions and suggestions for improving the panel.

Support works quickly, explaining in detail and helping to solve the problems that have arisen. You can ask for help in any way: by icq and calling skype, sending the question by e-mail or directly through the ticket system on the script website.

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