Free NEM (XEM) on the crane Freenem every hour

The easiest way to become a holder of cryptocurrency is to collect coins on taps. Simple sites charge bonuses, they can be received several times a day.

You will not earn much, but you need to remember the prospects. Coins are rising in price, and for the next few years, optimistic forecasts for almost all large projects.

Crane - every hour, free NEM (XEM) are collected by users and easily brought to their wallets.

This is a popular cryptocurrency with a high transaction processing rate , it is changing on many large exchanges and has prospects. Get coins for free and leave until better times.

Free NEM (XEM) on the crane Freenem every hour

How does the Freenem tap work?

We covered the potential of this coin in the NEM cryptocurrency review. There are all the prerequisites that it will rise in price, especially since Bitcoin already has some problems with the speed of transactions.

Here they are carried out as quickly as possible, and the project itself was also created for conducting cash transactions.

The Freenem project works just like Bitcoin taps. The site is full of various advertisements, be prepared for the fact that you have to watch a lot of banners, new tabs will open.

Thus, developers collect money from advertisers, who then change to NEM and are scattered among users as bonuses.

Where should NEM be withdrawn and where should it be exchanged?

You can open a wallet for these coins, but it's easier to use one of the exchanges. You can exchange NEM for:

Register on any from these sites and in the section with balances, go to the NEM account replenishment:

Free NEM (XEM) on the crane Freenem every hour

All presented exchanges will generate a purse number for you, you will point it to Freenem for withdrawal:

Free NEM (XEM) on the crane Freenem every hour

Why is it more convenient to immediately transfer coins to the exchange? Because here you can quickly change them for other cryptocurrencies and fiat money (dollars):

Free NEM (XEM) on the crane Freenem every hour

Collect bonuses on Frin, get paid to the stock exchange and you can immediately convert coins into real money. But we recommend leaving them for the long term, otherwise the yield will be too low.

Registering and logging into the Freenem website

You can start working with a tap without creating a cryptocurrency wallet. Go to the main page, click on the registration link and fill out a simple form (Email and password):

Free NEM (XEM) on the crane Freenem every hour

Newbies are looking for access to the site Freenem in Russian, but this platform is only available in English . Immediately follow the link from the received email to verify your Email.

How to collect bonuses every hour on Freenem?

The bonus system here is the same as on. The size of the bonus depends on what number the random number generator will generate. You can run it every hour just by pressing one button:

Free NEM (XEM) on the crane Freenem every hour

As you can see, the size of the bonus varies from 3 cents to 300 dollars. The probability of getting more than 0. 00184049NEM (minimum bonus) is extremely small (1. 15% chance):

Free NEM (XEM) on the crane Freenem every hour

After pressing the ROLL button, you will see how much you have won and the countdown to the next one will begin. collect bonus. When the developers add a lottery, each time you receive a bonus, you also get one ticket.

Promotional codes on Freenem

Additional bonuses can be obtained from the developers, if you use promotional codes. A special form is presented above the table:

Free NEM (XEM) on the crane Freenem every hour

Here is a link to the official Twitter microblog, which publishes codes for users:

Free NEM (XEM) on the crane Freenem every hour

You need to have time to use them (in this example 11 hours are valid). Codes are added daily.

Affiliate Program Freenem

Much more you can earn with Freenem if you attract referrals. The link and banners are in the appropriate section:

Free NEM (XEM) on the crane Freenem every hour

Under the terms of the affiliate program, the reward is 50% of the bonus amount collected by the referral. Soon they will add rewards for participating in lotteries.

Withdrawing NEM with Freenem

We already said where to translate NEM (XEM), the easiest way is to use the exchanges. To go to the payment order, there are two buttons on the site at once:

Free NEM (XEM) on the crane Freenem every hour

Minimum withdrawal amount 1 XEM, commission 0. 1 XEM. Clicking the Withdraw button opens the following window:

Free NEM (XEM) on the crane Freenem every hour

Here you need to enter the number of XEM, specify the address of the account (receive on the exchange) and write any message. Payments come, on average, it takes a little more than a day.

Reviews of Freenem

In February-March 2018 there was a wave of negativity about Freen. Users complained that the coins do not reach the wallets. The administration quickly responded and added Instant output (although it does not always work).

Now only positive reviews and payment screens appear on forums and other sites:

Free NEM (XEM) on the crane Freenem every hour

Users complain that there is too much advertising on the site.But after all, it is due to her that money is collected for distribution of freebies. After all, there is no need to work, users are offered to press only one button every hour.

We also recommend a high-quality crane for collecting Satoshi every 15 minutes Bonusbitcoin.

The developers didn’t actively update their tap, and for several months of their existence they only solved the problems with payments and introduced promotional codes.

We hope that they will still do the lottery and come up with something else. Distributing free NEMs works fine, coins are listed on exchanges and quickly change to Fiat.

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