Free cryptocurrency bounty on CandyBox

Watching the success of those who managed to invest in cryptocurrency, many decide to join this topic. It is really relevant and brings a huge income.

And it is not necessary to invest, because some coins are distributed free of charge under the Bounty and Airdrop programs. Some of them have serious prospects.

Earnings on cryptocurrency without investments on the Bounty is one of the schemes that not everyone knows about. A special project offers developers to add a convenient personal account for conducting bounty programs.

The platform has already gained some popularity , with its help you can now collect several altcoins.

Free cryptocurrency bounty on CandyBox

Bounty programs - distribution of free tokens

Developers of new projects are interested in distributing part of the coins. The course depends on their popularity, so they launch bounty programs.

According to their conditions, users receive free tokens for performing simple tasks. All of them are aimed at increasing popularity (repost in social networks, adding friends to groups, etc.).

At the moment, several coins are being distributed through CandyBox, and most importantly, all of them are already available on stock exchanges.

T. e. You don’t have to wait for the tokens to start trading, you get coins and you can immediately exchange them for Bitcoins (other cryptocurrencies), to calculate the profit.

Free cryptocurrency bounty on CandyBox

Here is an example of one of the tokens that you can currently get for completing tasks. It is convenient to track not only the rate of coins, but also to find out on which exchanges they bargain. In the case of Aelf, this is a huge list in which everyone knows the stock exchange:

Free cryptocurrency bounty on CandyBox

The ability to immediately exchange the received tokens is the main advantage of CandyBox. The project has a lot of analogs of the type, but collecting coins there, then you have to wait weeks and months for them to be added to the exchanges.

What is CandyBox, how does it work?

The system is very different from program Bounty aggregators (of type). All distributions are not going to a common base here, developers only use the platform itself.

Based on it, a convenient personal account is added and tasks are performed. The most interesting is that the remuneration is not fixed:

Free cryptocurrency bounty on CandyBox

In your personal account you will see how many coins are allocated for the next day for distribution. Today 450 ELF will be scattered between users. To get them, you need to perform tasks and get points for it. The more of them, the more substantial the profit.

T. e. reward depends on the number of points received. In the side menu there are several tabs. They reflect the total amount of coins that will be distributed not only on assignments:

Free cryptocurrency bounty on CandyBox

Free cryptocurrency bounty on CandyBox

Again, it is shown that 100 ELFs will be distributed among holders of tokens. On each tab there are rules, they represent what the percentage and other indicators depend on. Rewards are calculated using special formulas.

Available cryptocurrencies on the CandyBox platform

At the moment, only 4 tokens are distributed through this platform. Over time, they may appear more. Each coin is already traded on the stock exchanges, though on different ones, but through the Coinmarketcup you can easily find out where to exchange this or that token:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

For convenient transition between bounty programs, I recommend using these links. Bookmark this page in your browser.

Registration for CandyBox

When you first log into any of the site versions (with any coin), you will see a window with authorization. At the bottom there is a Sign Up link for registration:

Free cryptocurrency bounty on CandyBox

Click this button and a new form opens. It is necessary to specify the mail, come up with a password and pass a captcha check:

Free cryptocurrency bounty on CandyBox

An email is sent to the mail with a link to confirm registration. Go through it, activate the profile and immediately get into your personal account.

How to complete tasks on CandyBox?

According to the bounty program, users are asked to assist in the promotion of the project. For this purpose, participants are involved in social networking groups, chat rooms, on channels and so on. I have already shown on my channel how such instructions are carried out:

When you get into your personal account, you will need to connect pages from at least one social network.The icons are on top, just click on them and confirm the authorization, they should become colored:

Free cryptocurrency bounty on CandyBox

Next on the tab "Destination points" you need to scroll down to select the tasks for a particular social network. They are divided into several categories:

Free cryptocurrency bounty on CandyBox

For example, they ask to invite participants to the Telegram group. The video above shows an illustrative example of exactly this task. You do it and in a few minutes you get points, on which it depends on how much you get from the selected bank:

Free cryptocurrency bounty on CandyBox

Complete all the available tasks every day, it only takes a few minutes. I don’t take coins out of here because I’m getting interest for it. I also do not recommend that you immediately withdraw tokens, let them scroll slowly until a substantial amount is accumulated.

Earnings on CandyBox referrals

The bounty programs on the Candy Box are also interesting because here you can receive rewards for referrals. Link to is in the section "Points of influence" above the rules (click on it and a window appears with a link):

Free cryptocurrency bounty on CandyBox

Here the system is the same, the reward depends on the number of points. How much you get them depends on the tasks performed by referrals up to 8 levels deep. The formulas for the calculation in the rules indicate:

Free cryptocurrency bounty on CandyBox

Every 24 hours, the developers allocate new coins, collecting a large team, you don’t have to do anything yourself. Use all the methods of referral recruitment, now many people want to get free cryptocurrency.

Withdrawing cryptocurrencies with CandyBox

In order to get tokens and exchange them for Bitcoins or even fiat money, there is a special function in the profile menu. Please note that your account must have at least 1 token. Click on the mail address in the upper right corner and select Fromdrawal from the drop-down list:

Free cryptocurrency bounty on CandyBox

Tokens available tokens received at least 30 days ago are available. The operation may take up to 5 business days. All that is required to enter for the payment is the wallet address and the number of tokens:

Free cryptocurrency bounty on CandyBox

Make a withdrawal immediately to the internal account of the cryptocurrency exchange, because under the little-known tokens you are unlikely to find individual wallets . Unless you can keep them on the purses of famous cryptocurrencies, if the coins were created on their platform (for example, through Ethereum).

Compiling free cryptocurrencies through bounties on CandyBox is really easy. Personal account for all tokens is the same, only the types of tasks and profitability differ. Start collecting coins and do not rush to exchange them.

First, get storage interest. Secondly, it is better to wait until their course grows. Sign up right now, who knows how much these altcoins will grow in price.

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