Free bonuses, additions to their products

At all times, the attention of customers was captured by the word "Free", which still allows you to increase sales.

When doing business on the Internet, you need to keep this in mind, because your profit directly depends on the amount of goods sold. How to embed this word in your sentence? Add items with bonuses.

Free bonuses are offered very often, and there are situations when the buyer places an order just because he wants to get a bonus. And now some statistics selling texts help to increase sales by 10 times, and selling pages with free bonuses work 30% better.

Free bonuses, additions to their products

Add-ons for their products

Start-up entrepreneurs do not understand how to distribute free products and get richer, because they have to transfer part of the products without monetary compensation. In fact, this is the most effective way to increase sales and at the expense of a large number of transactions to achieve maximum profit.

If you decide to use free bonuses in your business, we advise you to familiarize yourself with some recommendations:

  1. Thematic bonuses. In order for the bonus to be really interesting to the client, it must be thematically appropriate for the product. For example, by offering to buy a book on creating an infobusiness, you can offer additional information products on the topic of time distribution, competent communication with customers, effective advertising, and much more. Do not forget that the main product can be bought solely because of the interest in bonuses.
  2. Counting expenses. Complementing your offers with free bonuses, you must evaluate your expenses and income. The optimal bonus option that is easy to reproduce without spending a lot of money is an informational product. For example, it can be an e-book or video course. No desire to do their own work? Use the services of freelancers, paying once for the creation of the goods, you can transfer it to at least thousands of customers.
  3. Valuable bonuses. Of course, the main product must be more valuable than the bonuses that supplement it, but when creating and adding them, you need to understand the essence. The more interesting the bonuses, the greater the chance that they will help you to interest the client in the transaction. That is why be attentive to the choice of topics, as well as the content of your information product. Practice has shown that useless bonuses can even reduce the number of sales.

Free bonuses, additions to their products

Do not forget to add bonuses to basic goods so that your customers can buy them separately. The most important thing is to establish a decent payment, in this case, the value of the product in the eyes of the buyer will be high.

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