Forums pay per message. Earnings on the forums

How to make money online? Every day this question becomes more and more popular. Thousands of people who want to make money without leaving home can start their activities using various methods. Earnings on the forums, this is one of the options for networking, which is available to everyone.

Even if you are a beginner and absolutely do not understand the intricacies of remote work, you have a chance to get the first profit . I would also like to note that the earnings on the forums is the ideal solution for beginners.
There are many forums that pay money for each message . At the end of this article, we will present you with several projects that are steadily developing and are actually paying out money.

Forums pay per message. Earnings on the forums

Why should the forum owner pay for messages?

Payment for messages is one of the ways to attract an audience to your project. Not everyone uses it, but there really is efficiency. Earnings on the forums with the payment for the message is the perfect way to work on the Internet.

Think for yourself, you will simply communicate, and no one forces you to write a certain number of characters or hold someone’s opinion.

Forums with payment for messages

I wanted to select 13 forums with payment for messages, all the forums are Russian, and they have been working for over a year. Money comes from them steadily, there is no reason to doubt honesty:

Here are some more forums that pay for communication:

- this forum is a separate part of the site about earnings. In this forum, you can earn up to 5 cents per message. Referring to the forum, please note that under the name of each section indicates the value of your posts. Money can be withdrawn to accounts and Yandex. Money, after reaching the "minimum salary" at $ 5.

- on this forum they pay in rubles, the average cost of messages is 20 kopecks. The main advantage of this project is that there are many different sections on it, which will allow you to find pleasant communication and earn money in parallel.
Withdrawals are possible on the Webmoney system’s ruble purse, with a minimum amount of 30 rubles. You can also withdraw money to Yandex or a Webmoney dollar wallet, but in this case you will need to collect at least $ 5 (150 rubles).

- a forum on earnings and investments on the Internet, which has already become quite popular. You can receive up to 30 kopecks per message. This project also has a lot of thematic sections, fashion, sport, health, family, etc. For communication in these sections pay 20 kopecks. The minimum amount for withdrawal is only 15 rubles.

Each of these forums has an affiliate program, thanks to which you can increase your own profit. The terms of inviting new users are different everywhere, for example, Riaf pays 5 cents for each referral, and Sense-life and Wmforum pay 10% of the earnings from the users you invite.

At the expense of affiliate programs you can earn well, especially if you have a site with high attendance.

Earnings on forums with payment for signatures

Accounts on forums can be compared with a small site. Many forums have a feature to add links to signatures. The more messages the user leaves, the more pages these links display. Use them for different purposes (even to attract referrals to forums with payment for posts). In addition, they are rented.

To highlight the maximum benefit when making money on the forums, use signatures.

Surely you have noticed links under the posts of forum users:

Forums pay per message. Earnings on the forums

Such links can be created independently in your profile. Naturally, there are people interested in purchasing these links and the more messages you have and the higher the popularity of the forum, the price for these links increases.

Where can I find advertisers? You can write an ad on the same forum or use a specialized service. Using all these options you can earn great money on the forums.

How much can you earn on the forums where you pay for each message?

This type of earnings on the Internet is not the most profitable, you can’t collect a huge amount of money with it, however, it’s more interesting and more profitable, even than performing tasks on the mailer. You do not need to perform any specific work, just communicate with real people and get paid for it.

So that you know what to expect, let's look at a specific example. On average, they pay up to 10 cents for a post, it turns out that 1-1 is charged for 10-15 records. 5 dollars. It doesn’t take much time to write them, and if you simultaneously chat in 10 forums at once, the profit increases several times.

Using only forums with payment for messages from 5 cents, it is quite realistic to go for a monthly income in excess of 10,000 rubles. And this is not using other methods of monetization.

At first everything goes hard, you do not know where and what exactly to write, but when you get involved, you get questions, communication develops, new acquaintances are made. As a result, without noticing it, you become an active forumchanin and visit websites not for earnings, but for interesting conversations.

The best forum with payment for posts

The forum deserves particular attention, where users are rewarded for different activities. Forum about making money on the Internet, investments, website creation and promotion. Many experienced people, interesting communication, constantly new topics.

To begin with, 60-70 kopecks are paid for forum posts. Not so much, but when you get involved in communication, you do not notice how quickly the balance is replenished. Every day, for authorization on the forum is charged 5 cents. There are also constant contests with cash prizes:

Forums pay per message. Earnings on the forums

Such events are held not so often, and you cannot earn them stably. Wishing to take first place too much. Therefore, the last way to make money on this forum is the most interesting. For interesting, high-quality, large articles, the authors are paid up to 2,000 rubles (the amount is determined by the administrator individually). I didn’t share my experience on the forum on how I struggled with error 502 on the bitrix and for that I was charged 30 rubles:

Forums pay per message. Earnings on the forums

Not so much money, but it was nice to get them just like that . If you decide to use this method, remember - the subject of the forum "Earn money on the Internet", articles should be exactly that (several related areas are available). Payments admin conducts manually from 50 rubles to Webmoney.

Earnings 2017 on forums with Forumok

This service is actively used to make money on social networks, but you can earn money on it through your accounts on the forums. The system orders the placement of links and other advertising on the forums, and to start processing applications, you need to register and add your accounts. To do this, go to the artist section and click the "Add registration" button:

Forums pay per message. Earnings on the forums

It does not matter what topic the forum is and how popular it is. Any accounts are accepted, and the more messages you leave with them, the better. Advertisers want to get high-quality accomplishments, they could create accounts themselves to post links, but there is no confidence in such messages. When adding profiles, the following form is filled in:

Forums pay per message. Earnings on the forums

The moderators must check the information, which usually takes about 24 hours. After passing moderation, it is possible to send orders for the execution of orders. There are a lot of them at Forumok, they pay decently, but advertisers always set the requirements for artists' accounts:

Forums pay per message. Earnings on the forums

In some orders, the price is not fixed, it depends on how well the performer’s account is promoted. Active forum users earn more. The most interesting thing is that they may be asked to tell about a medicine or to post a review about a bicycle, and such topics are created on forums that are not related to earnings at all. I have repeatedly withdrawn money from this site:

Forums pay per message. Earnings on the forums

Payments of at least 200 rubles (the equivalent amount in another currency) to Webmoney purses (WMU, WMR or WMZ).

Earnings on forums in freelancing

Freelance exchanges are constantly looking for performers for the most varied work. Forums, after the promotion are filled passively. But as long as people begin to actively create topics and communicate, you have to wait a long time and develop the project. Freelancers help to solve this problem, right now there is such a proposal:

Forums pay per message. Earnings on the forums

To create a lively and interesting forum look, they are looking for people who are ready to be engaged in filling. As you can see, almost $ 2000 has already been paid to freelancers for work, there are even feedback on the order. Such applications appear often, you can find forums of a certain subject:

Forums pay per message. Earnings on the forums

Also, many have already been paid for the work done, but it is not difficult to do it. Look for similar offers on or place your services for filling the forums for money, through. It is possible, you will find permanent employers and professionally take up the promotion of such sites.

Earn online forums through mailers

This way of using forums for earning is not the most profitable, but rather popular. On click sponsors, various small orders are added, such as registering, posting a review, and adding a comment. So some of them are associated with the forums:

Forums pay per message. Earnings on the forums

This list of instructions is taken from Wmmail, the best mailer of Runet. For execution, again, the promoted accounts will be useful in order to publish posts from them.Exactly the same orders are available on another box - Seosprint. After moving to the section with tasks, select the category “Posting to forums / blogs” and see the appropriate tasks: offers. Specifically, the forums on these two sites, about 150 tasks, and if you count in general, it is almost 20,000 instructions. All of them are suitable for beginners and do not require professional skills (as well as investments).

How to make money on your forum?

Want to make big money? Then it is better to think about starting your own project. This is the best option for earnings on the forums, and if it is well-advertised, the site will be filled with people and develop, without your participation.
Starting a forum now is as easy as opening a blog. Different engines are available for this. There are paid and free options, they differ in functionality, appearance and many other points.

If you like the idea, use one of the best platforms:

  1. is a completely free and popular engine for which many different mods are created. Developers continue to improve this project.
  2. - known worldwide, paid engine with great features. Many applications have been created for it.
  3. - one more leader among paid engines, there is everything that is necessary for filling, moderation and development of the forum.
  4. - the simplest engine among analogs. In the interface you will definitely not get confused, ideal for small forums with a narrow topic.
  5. - you won't have to pay for this engine, but it has all the necessary functions. It is worth highlighting the broad settings for the appearance of the site.
  6. - choose this engine if you want to achieve the fastest possible download and do not plan to collect millions of visitors per day.
  7. - development begins with a forum, but in the future it will be possible to go to a full-fledged site with this engine. For this, there are all the tools.
  8. is a simple, smart engine that does not consume a lot of server resources. At the same time it is difficult to hack and pages are generated very quickly.

No matter which engine you like best, the main thing is to make a quality, useful resource that will win the attention of the target audience. Forums are monetized just like regular websites, mainly due to advertising.

If you like this idea, and you decide to create a website, then you will definitely need an article about how to promote a forum.

Own site is complete freedom of action and unlimited income. If your forum becomes Topov and starts to collect thousands of visitors per day, money from it will come much more than if you wrote messages or used any other methods.

How to make money on forums from 30 000 rubles per month?

On forums you can create topics in any quantity, topics are free and this is a great option for making money on affiliate programs. Tell about some product, service, service, or share your earnings success on any site and add an affiliate link - that's all you need to do.

For example, find any women's forum and select trendy products from Aliexpress. To describe how good they are, how you liked everything, and put a link to the product through the affiliate program

. If the clients attracted by you order something, 8. 8% of the order amount will come.

This is one of many examples, and if you work hard and add a lot of topics in different forums, there will be stable transitions and permanent credits. For this you can use various affiliate programs:

  1. Cleveraff - attracting traders to a website with binary options. Payments can be received in the form of a fixed amount or as a percentage of the company's commission.
  2. Bongamodels is an affiliate program of a site with erotic chat rooms that pays for attracting viewers (25% of expenses) or models ($ 5 per registration).
  3. Mixmarket is a network of affiliate programs with many different offers. You will attract people to the most popular online stores.
  4. Rich Birds - a game with the withdrawal of money. Here, people contribute money to buy birds and make money selling eggs. With replenish referrals give interest.
  5. Teaser - tell people about automatic earnings with this site (the browser extension shows ads) and get 10% from 5 levels of referrals.
  6. Aliprice - share information about the useful browser plugin for shopping on Aliexpress and get 50 cents for each installation.
  7. Menumake is a menu designer for the Vkontakte group. From the orders of attracted customers is charged 20%.
  8. Kalyanvkarmane - an e-cigarette online store has an affiliate program, with orders being charged 10%.
  9. Sellus is a huge selection of various products, and invited customers pay up to 30% for their purchase.
  10. Cafepress - create your own design of any available products and sell with your mark-up.

The more actively advertising on forums spreads, the more people will become interested in your offers. Accordingly, revenues will rise. If you choose multi-level affiliate programs, the profit will increase passively (when your referrals start inviting new people to the network).

Earnings on the forums reviews

It is not difficult to find feedback on earnings on the forums on the Internet, but many of them are not real. Created exclusively for advertising of some sites or even scam. We have collected feedback from real people who are ready to just share their experience without advertising anything:

Forums pay per message. Earnings on the forums

People earn in the forums in different ways, but we could not find negative reviews. Of course, there are dissatisfied users complaining about low income, but usually this is their personal problem. They want to do simple work and get a lot of money for it, it does not happen.

The best SEO forums will be useful to you for creating topics and making money on attracting referrals to site promotion services.

How much money to earn on the forum will turn out for you, we do not know, but you will definitely get the money. Just use the sites that are presented on this page. They have already been tested, and scammers stumble on the network easier than ever.

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