Forums and blogs. Module 5. Day 3 - Profit Hunter

Do you use forums? Komenty on blogs leave? Good. I had a case when I was lowered a turnip for nothing on one forum. Top I created on the case, with the right, adequate content. I asked a normal question. Yes, it was found, as usual :), a dozen or two trolls with IQ = -150, which, without understanding the topic, lower the turnip. Do turnips themselves do not splash. It was not even the trolls were. Most likely, forumny bums. I call them that. Picked on the bestolku forum. The reason for the decrease in turnips? They did not like the top and everything, I guess. Yes, and there was a lot to read. Probably 3000 characters in the subject frightened them. Maybe the top was above their understanding and they felt like โ€œnoobs" and it offended them. Thanks to the normal people of the forum with a pot-bellied turnip who supported the topic and saved the turnip.

What is the whole story about? Cultivating an image is not easy. Even if you have never โ€œfooledโ€ anyone on forums or blogs, it is not a guarantee that you will be showered with gold and honors.

Good forum rules. Manual ๐Ÿ™‚

It sounds funny ๐Ÿ™‚ However, this lesson is part of the marathon ( with my edit ). All of you already know what forums are and why they exist. I think that some simple truths should be voiced.

Rule # 1 - Don't be stupid

There is such a word in English. language bonehead ( letters. bone head ). And I took this from the lingvo dictionary:

Forums and blogs. Module 5. Day 3 - Profit Hunter

What is this stupidity expressed? I am sure that you have repeatedly come across forums with users who ask questions that already have an answer. Moreover, questions can be asked several times within the same topic. The man came to the forum, saw the question that was being answered, and with a checker on his head, he inserted his five kopecks. Unfortunately, there are a lot of confused messages and comments on the forums. The administration of the forums specifically writes and advises that before asking a question, look for an answer on the forum. In more than half of the cases, emerging issues have already been discussed.

There are some users who chase turnips by winding up the number of posts on the forum. They climb on a different topic, write like on the topic, but obviously do not understand it. The main thing is to create the impression that you are in the know. These are ala experts live on the forums.

If you are a beginner

It is helpful for all beginners to read the forum rules. This will relieve them of unnecessary problems from the administration and other users.

Keep an eye on the time

There is something to keep on the forums and something to discuss. If you get too carried away, you will lose your life. Keep track of time. Have a question? Find the answer to it - this is your first task. Do not be distructed. If something in the process of searching for the answer attracted, bookmark the page.

Do not discuss

At the forum, people of different origin, nationality, social views, etc. And it is extremely disrespectful when in the process of discussion (especially when there is nothing to say) we start talking about the views of the opponent . Remembering his relatives and spewing other verbal diarrhea. As a rule, this is resorted to at the insults and humiliations of other forum participants.

Be people ๐Ÿ™‚

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