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Each optimizer has its own "horse" - a topic in which he understands best and which he prefers to study. However, if you start comparing the attachments of different optimizers, then a curious thing turns out - they prefer to bypass the tenth price on some subjects - not even because working in them involves some difficulties (although this too), but simply because the competition is too is high. Forex is a good example. On the one hand, the topic is far from being interesting to everyone, not easy to master, with its specific (and seemingly not too numerous) target audience. On the other hand, it already has a lot of such bison that it is even scary to carry with them. However, at the same time, commissions on this topic are offered such that it is not a sin to try your luck. Even if visitors to the site on forex-themed (or, for that matter, on any financial topic in general) will be an order of magnitude smaller than the entertainment resource, but there is not much needed - even with hundreds of unique visitors it will bring more than an entertainment site with a much larger audience.

So ​​where does the notorious terrible competition come from, because of which many do not dare to take on forex? In fact, everything is not so gloomy as one might have supposed. Yes, there is competition, and fierce; However, it primarily concerns high- and mid-frequency queries, for which all major players compete. For them, a man who decided to try himself in Forex, of course, should not be taken. But it’s possible to work with low-frequency ones - even if you’re new to optimizing, the budget is small, and you heard about forex for the first time from this article.

Receiving traffic

No, you thought wrong - there will be no magic secret that allows you to make money in forex even in such a situation, I will not tell you. Everything is quite traditional here - first find ways to get traffic, then monetize it. The only reliable way to do this is to patiently, painstakingly and daily sift keywords for promising options, if you understand something in the subject area - write articles, if not, order them from those who understand to publish these articles regularly. It sounds gloomy and dreary, but in reality everything, as usual, is simpler - just do not give up, continue to pick up keywords and, if you persist in bending your own line, you will soon be happy with the first results.

Again, I repeat - if you want to achieve something, keep in the shadow of large players, carefully select keywords with no more than three or four hundred impressions per month (you can check the frequency in Yandex. Wordstat). Try to select low-frequency queries that contain medium or high frequencies - this will be your reserve for the future. If you get to the top with such a request, then it will be easier for you to advance with HF.

Most of the people for whom you will be writing are beginner traders. You are unlikely to be interested in professionals at first, so think with your head - what is first of all interesting for new traders? These are all sorts of forex advisors that facilitate the work of the program, scripts, textbooks, manuals, well-known trading systems, market analysis and so on. What would you go looking for if you just decided to do forex and only had a vague idea about it?

Generalized queries like "forex indicators", "forex scripts" and so on should be avoided. Firstly, they are, quite naturally, related to HF and are the object of a fierce struggle. Secondly, you will not say anything new in the text with such keywords. You are interested in more specific keywords: the names of specific trading systems, popular books, the names of successful traders, article headlines, and the like. From Vordstat to get them will not succeed - have to delve into the major forex forums. Just choose what people are most interested in, check in Vordstat, estimate whether you will pull such a request, go further.

Actually, it’s not even the number of impressions that is important here, but the quantity and quality of competing sites in the issue on request.
Purchased links can be almost or not at all involved - if you pay enough attention to linking and working within the LF, you can completely do without them.


Do not be discouraged by the fact that the above discussion deals with extremely small amounts of traffic. If you are used to working with entertainment sites, then you know that in order to generate income, the number of visitors should be calculated not in the hundreds, but in the thousands, unless the site is dedicated to some very narrow topic. However, forex, finance, real estate and the like - is another story. Both people and their behavior are also different, so a hundred unique visitors here are already a very good prospect for profit.It remains only to determine how to monetize their results.

The main method in the case of forex is affiliate programs. And pay attention - the most profitable are those of them that offer a percentage of each trade to traders who come from you, regardless of the results of the transaction itself. Considering the enthusiasm with which, and for how long, many people are engaged in forex trading, even with one active user, the payments will be very, very pleasant.

For example, North-West Financial Broker affiliate looks very good. This is a Swedish company that has existed since 2005, so there is no particular reason to worry about its reputation , but there was one questionable moment in its history. Link to this point in the comments on the article. She specializes in providing comprehensive Forex trading services. These guys are ready to pay you 30% of the commission from each transaction attracted by your client.

Summing up

It may seem to someone that, despite the fierce competition in this niche, there are too few people interested in it to provide a stable income and to justify all the fuss described above. In fact, Forex is a very active and rapidly developing direction now. If you look at the popularity and mass shares of various financial topics in general, then the stock exchange is leading, of course; However, forex takes an honorable second place, and in recent years, those wishing to engage in them are becoming more and more.

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