Forex for beginners at Liteforex

Only those who have chosen a profitable niche receive large profits on the Internet.

Working at Forex is quite a profitable activity, and anyone can do it. Of course, it is almost impossible to earn without certain knowledge, but you need to start with choosing a quality service.

Worldwide is used by a huge number of traders.

Professionals make profitable deals here, beginners learn to trade, investors earn passively, and partners earn income without transactions. What do you do with this broker, decide for yourself, all options are profitable.

Forex for beginners at Liteforex

Well-known Forex broker Liteforex

Liteforex company is considered one of the oldest among brokers. It was founded in 2005 to provide an opportunity for every person to easily, conveniently and safely make deals in Forex.

In order for everyone to use the service, it was decided to lower the minimum deposit threshold to $ 1, which distinguishes the broker from a number of peers.

Over the years of development, the company has acquired many real offices in different countries and has gathered a huge staff of experienced workers.

In addition, Liteforex has many other advantages:

  • a decent set of trading tools;
  • working with several trading platforms;
  • 4 types of accounts for traders;
  • investments and opening of PAMM accounts;
  • various bonuses and promotions;
  • 6 types of affiliate program;
  • Forex market analysis;
  • personal manager for each client;
  • deposits insured;
  • you can receive a bonus of $ 500 when replenishing from the card;
  • recharge the account for 24 after registration and get 30% as a gift;
  • when transferring you had to pay a large commission th? You will get the money back.

I would like to tell you separately about the unique action currently being held on Liteforex called “Refer a friend 2. 0”. For attracting customers to DC, you can collect huge money:

Forex for beginners at Liteforex

Under the terms of this promotion, you get $ 15 for referrals 1 level, $ 10 - 2 levels and $ 5 for referrals third level.

To take part in this promotion, you need to deposit $ 100 to your account and get a special promotional code. Every time your referral enters it in your personal account, you are immediately charged $ 15.

Forex for beginners at Liteforex

This broker offers different training methods to novice traders. Start best with the study of useful articles, the company maintains its own blog.

Also, you can attend webinars and view early entries. It will not be superfluous to download an electronic textbook in order to learn a lot of useful information.

Forex for beginners at Liteforex

Beginners are taught different strategies, they are given an opportunity to test them in a demo account and in every possible way help them to get the necessary skills. In addition, there is a type of account Cent, in which the initial deposit is only $ 10 with a leverage of 1: 1000. In general, for learning there is everything you need.

Forex Trading with Liteforex

You can execute transactions from various trading platforms. Popular MetaTrader 4 and 5 here is . In addition, there are mobile platforms.

You can open several types of accounts, conditions depend on it. At the disposal of traders are given several useful tools to help make predictions.

If you have never carried out transactions in Forex, then detailed instructions will be useful to you. After downloading the terminal (for example, MetaTrader 4), you need to install and run it. After that, in the sidebar, you need to click on one of the assets or open an order through the main menu:

Forex for beginners at Liteforex

Then the main window for opening an order will open, where you can configure all the parameters of the future transaction :

Forex for beginners at Liteforex

What information should I provide? To begin, choose a symbol (asset), and also indicate the amount of currency to be purchased

Stop Loss allows you to specify the lower limit of the fall of the chart so that when it is reached the order is automatically closed (allows you to protect against large losses).

Take profit is needed to limit the maximum profit, so that the order is closed automatically when the rate rises to the selected level.

You need to use these tools correctly, so, first go through the training. The remaining fields can not be touched, and immediately start the transaction by clicking on the Buy button. In place of the buttons, a message about an open deal will appear:

Forex for beginners at Liteforex

When the rates change in your favor and you can make a profit, you need to select your order in the bottom menu and right-click on it :

Forex for beginners at Liteforex

The order window will open again, but there will be an additional button to close the deal and make a profit:

Forex for beginners at Liteforex

As you can see, in this window you can open new orders or close already created ones.Click on the yellow button and see the notification:

Forex for beginners at Liteforex

That's all, the order is closed, you can proceed to the following transactions. Using MetaTrader 4 is not so difficult, the main difficulty lies in making forecasts, as it is rather difficult to predict changes in Forex.

Investments in PAMM on Liteforex

Is there start-up capital, but you don’t have a desire to engage in deals and making forecasts? Then you should invest money in a PAMM account. They are opened by experienced traders who will manage your capital.

Thanks to the collected money from investors, the trader can enter into the most profitable deals, and the profit is honestly divided:

Forex for beginners at Liteforex

This is a list of available PAMM accounts to invest in . Choose managers for the best rates of return.

Check it at different time intervals, it is desirable that the trader worked in a plus all the time. Also give preference to investment portfolios that exist for more than six months.

Liteforex Affiliate Program.

When there is no start-up capital, but there is plenty of time, you can engage in attracting customers to a dealing center.

This broker has several types of affiliate programs, one of them - CPS, allows you to receive $ 50 for each referral. Attracted users must register, replenish an account from $ 100 and make 50 transactions :

Forex for beginners at Liteforex

If this scheme does not suit you, connect to another format of the affiliate program.

After connecting to the affiliate program, you can take advantage of a unique offer and get a ready-made site. Also, you will be provided with a lot of promotional materials, qualified support, transparent statistics and much more.

When choosing a brokerage company, many newbies make mistakes and work on unfavorable terms.

DC Liteforex is one of the best services for making money on Forex. In addition to stable operation and convenient transactions, here you will also be taught how to make predictions, and also you will receive a lot of bonuses on stocks.

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