Forex Center Lite Forex invites traders - Profit Hunter

Forex Center Lite Forex invites traders - Profit Hunter

Dealing Center Lite Forex is a business unit of the holding company Straighthold Investment Group, Inc. , whose key areas of activity include the placement of financial assets on the international Forex market, on the global stock and futures markets, and on the precious metals market.

Lite Forex offers beginner forex players a technology that removes restrictions on the minimum acceptable transaction. Even making a deposit of $ 1, players will be able to appreciate all the advantages of Forex in real work. The deposit on LITE-group accounts is in cents, but traders have the opportunity to gain experience as when working with a similar dollar amount.

Forex Center Lite Forex invites traders - Profit Hunter

The Straighthold Investment Group gives you the opportunity to make transactions on Forex with minimal cost - the trader does not pay commission fees, except for the spread between the bid price and the bid price. The commission itself is charged at competitive interest rates for funds that are not involved in trading for the REALForex account. At the same time, forex company provides interest-free loans to traders.

Lite Forex includes three dedicated servers, cent, dollar and demo accounts, the use of the MetaTrader4 trading platform, 24/5 online support and a large amount of analytical materials on the ForexPeoples forex trader portal. com.

Opening a trading account
Email: info @ liteforex. org
URL: http: // www. liteforex. org /

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