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Forewarned is forearmed - Profit Hunter The fact that high-risk black-n-riders break websites with the purpose of putting references to their property is not new. And the fact that Google scams hacked sites is also well known.

For how to secure a blog, read from Tod, and I will tell you how to find out about hacking your website or blog (God forbid, of course) the same day it happens. (The original article is here.)


Thanks for mentioning the Spring Marathon today is sent to Ruslan Akhmetov, the author of the blog about promoting websites on the Internet.


Since unwanted links from hacked sites cannot be visually tracked, you need to seek help from the person who sees them, namely the search bot Google. This guy sees everything and always.

Directly, of course, it will not be possible to contact him, but he has an intermediary who, at your request, will give out any information. This is Google Alerts.

Google Alerts allows you to set reminders in such a way that as soon as a particular word appears on your site (read a popular request like viagra or cialis), you will receive an email immediately. Of course, all the favorite keywords of hackers are unlikely to cover, but in most cases there should be enough basic phrases.

Open Google Alerts and set it up as follows:

Forewarned is forearmed - Profit Hunter

Pay attention to the place I highlighted with a red bar. There you need to specify the address of your site / blog.

And do not forget to check the source code of the site from time to time. For confidence.

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