Foreign lotteries that Russians can play

Residents of Russia, like people from all over the world, want to live beautifully and enjoy huge amounts of money.

It’s not always possible to earn them, so you have to hope for a chance. Lotteries have already made many Russians wealthy individuals, you can join their ranks if you buy tickets.

The foreign lotteries available in Russia are rare, because almost no state wants to make outflows.

In addition, the payment of winnings abroad can become a real problem. However, companies have already been established that offer to become a member of a foreign lotto.

Foreign lotteries that Russians can play

How to buy an overseas lottery ticket?

There is no need to purchase such tickets, since lotto also works in our country. From the most popular it is worth highlighting the "Russian lotto" and "Gosloto 6 out of 45".

You can buy tickets directly on the Internet, the winnings are also substantial. But they can never be compared with the jackpots established in foreign lotto:

Foreign lotteries that Russians can play

Among Russian lottery lovers, only a few use foreign offers, as they are not sure about honesty. If you need to buy a ticket from a foreign lottery, go to the site.

This company has been operating since 2012, honestly pays money to customers and so that no one doubts honesty, they send a scan of the ticket to the post office.

You can participate in lotteries for free, it became possible after the appearance of the project Social Chance.

For the purchase of foreign tickets retailers are offered in many forums. Do not even consider this option, because you will not be given any guarantees that you get a real ticket and you can then easily collect the winnings. Plus, dealers greatly overestimate ticket prices.

How to play the world lotteries?

In Russia, world-class lotteries are not popular, as some people do not even know about their existence. In addition, most are not confident that they can take the prize.

If the desire to hit a big jackpot overwhelms you, go to Lottowinonline and buy as many tickets as you want:

Foreign lotteries that Russians can play

The only reason you should use foreign lotto is the maximum winnings It's good that the rules are almost the same, and you can choose arbitrary numbers to create a coupon.

Sometimes the fields are a little different, but the essence is the same everywhere, you need to use your lucky numbers:

Foreign lotteries that Russians can play

A serious minus of foreign lotteries is the cost of tickets. Naturally, it is high, because the organizers have to accept payment, maintain a resource, buy tickets, scan them and send.

Therefore, for one ticket with three filled fields you have to pay a little more than 1000 rubles (in the PowerBall lottery):

Foreign lotteries that Russians can play

You need to weigh everything correctly, because in Russian analogues are sold tickets are ten times cheaper, but the maximum prize in them is not so big, although the chances of winning it are even lower, because there are many more participants in the world lotteries.

Should I play foreign lotteries?

Everyone has their own opinion on this, but personally I try not to use them. Why? Because there is no certainty that if you win $ 100,000, participants of the same will not be lost.

I do not have any evidence and do not blame them for anything, but when there is access to a huge amount, why not appropriate it to myself.

Someone will say that you should not be such a skeptic, if the site honestly pays and sends ticket scans, then it is really high quality.

I will not persuade anyone, and I will continue to play on, where I am 100% sure of honesty, and there will be no problems with payments of winnings, because all the lotteries are domestic.

World online lotteries are convenient and more interesting, but only from one side. After reading the reviews in the network, you will also understand that there are many people who won in Russian lotto and show evidence.

And all those who write about winning in foreign lotteries just say and never prove it (at least by screenshots from the site). This is not a strong argument, however, it is difficult to believe empty reviews.

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