Foreign Books Aticlix - earnings, overview of functions

Despite the fact that the axleboxes can not bring huge profits, they have a huge army of fans. This is one of the reasons why new mailers are launched. Usually, they do not offer anything interesting, just duplicating existing projects, but sometimes there are exceptions.

Foreign click sponsor - review and reviews we have gathered on this page, because the project is really interesting. Here you can find the best ways to earn money on your books, you can click on sites, complete tasks and work with a well-thought-out affiliate program that supports the function of renting referrals.

Foreign Books Aticlix - earnings, overview of functions

Some information about the Aticlix project

The service was launched in August 2017. Its developer was Atif Raz. Pakistani user more than 3 years gained a reputation on other boxes. He also began, like many others with clicks on advertising, rented referrals, bought account upgrades. In foreign forums, it is better known by the nickname atifraza64.

If you are from Russia, register on the site only through VPN. Users with Russian IP are not allowed to order a payment. Also, it does not work here to attract referrals from Russia.

After a thorough study of the work of the axle boxes and the accumulation of experience, he decided to launch his own project. This is how Aticlix appeared, where you can earn money without clicks, referrals, interactive games and other methods. The first impression about him is not the best, there are too many advertisements, but the reviews are positive.

All functions inherent in foreign mail are implemented here. There is a game ClixGrid, paid upgrades are added to earn more and increase the percentage of deductions from referrals. In Runet, not many people know about this system, it is actively promoted along with the strategy of making money on renting referrals.

Registration and personal account on Aticlix

Be prepared for the fact that after going to the site, you will have to watch a bunch of ads and close the tabs that are opened automatically. The main page has a button for registration, the form is filled in with a standard one (mail is not checked):

Foreign Books Aticlix - earnings, overview of functions

The personal account is made qualitatively. In the upper part is fixed the main menu with balances and other indicators. Below is the menu to go to the ways of earning ( Earn by ) or order advertising ( Advertice ). The profile also reflects account information:

Foreign Books Aticlix - earnings, overview of functions

There is no Russian on Aticlix, but even without it, it is easy to understand the interface. As you can see, in the personal area of ​​the menu is duplicated on the sidebar, there are also points for working with referrals. On the right is another 4 blocks to go to the advertiser section, purchase upgrades, deposit and withdraw funds.

Accounts and upgrades

Each registered user receives the status Standart. From it depends on the conditions of earnings on the book. The reward for visiting the site, the maximum number of rented referrals, the percentage of deductions, payments for the purchase of upgrades by referrals and much more:

Foreign Books Aticlix - earnings, overview of functions

This image represents only a part of the large tables. The most expensive upgrade costs almost $ 2200 per year . After it is purchased, 25 cents are charged for viewing each site, it is allowed to withdraw up to $ 350 every two days and there are lots of other benefits. Although they are unlikely to be able to interest, given the cost.

Ways of earning on Aticlix

If you managed to work on a more popular foreign axle box, then quickly get comfortable with this project. Many functions are borrowed from the well-known analogue, as well as the ways of earning :

  1. Viewing sites.

The easiest way to get a little money on this site is to visit advertisers sites. All ways of earning are available in the pop-up list:

Foreign Books Aticlix - earnings, overview of functions

Selecting the first option takes you to a page where several blocks will be displayed. They contain links to advertisers' sites and the amount of remuneration. Everything is simple, you open sites one by one, wait for the time on the timer and enter the captcha:

Foreign Books Aticlix - earnings, overview of functions

Rewards are modest, on Russian-language counterparts like Wmmail or Seosprint, Pay about the same for surfing and writing.

  1. Game Spin and Win.

This function has been added recently; you can take part in prize draws. Every day they give free spins to spin the wheel of luck:

Foreign Books Aticlix - earnings, overview of functions

With a standard account, only 2 spin per day are given. Here is the statistics of the winnings received by other users.

  1. Clixgrid game.

Such a game has been added to many foreign axle boxes. In it, you can win up to $ 2,000 for free. To do this, open the blocks on the image.Each click opens the advertiser's website, as well as in the first method, but without entering a captcha:

Foreign Books Aticlix - earnings, overview of functions

Every day, you can make 25 attempts to open windows in the image . Sites have to look just 7 seconds.

  1. Task execution.

Tasks are not added to the system, they are built in here through partners. According to this scheme, many foreign buxys. Without knowledge of foreign languages ​​or at least a translator, there is no understanding of the conditions:

Foreign Books Aticlix - earnings, overview of functions

Through partners, you can earn money by watching videos, paid surveys, registrations, visiting sites and other ways. As you can see, the payment is much higher than for surfing, but you will have to spend more time on execution.

Earnings on attracting and renting referrals Aticlix

On all books, the most profitable way to earn money is to attract referrals. To start inviting people to this project, select Banners from the profile menu. Different promotional materials are offered there and there is a regular link:

Foreign Books Aticlix - earnings, overview of functions

Pay attention to the notification, according to the rules, referrals from Russia and Iran are not taken into account. Therefore, this book is only suitable for attracting executives from other countries. Also in the side menu there are a few more points on working with referrals:

Foreign Books Aticlix - earnings, overview of functions

The first is statistics, the second is the ability to rent referrals to rent. In the section Rent Referrals offer to rent referrals, and in the last paragraph to buy them. In RuNet there is a lot of information about making money on renting refs. I didn’t buy them myself, but at one of the forums the user shared his successes:

He rented 1000 referrals with a Golden 6 account. Every day, they charge approximately 1. 3 $ each. I use the lease renewal, discounts are provided for it. Therefore, I recommend to rent refs for 6 days, and then renew for 90 days.

In order to receive good money from renting referrals, you have to buy an upgrade. This will make sense only if you first put up a decent network. Therefore, if you join this topic, then first as an ordinary partner.

Withdrawing money from Aticlix

In foreign forums there are screenshots of payments, the project pays stably. With a standard account, you can only transfer funds to the Payza sticks.

Foreign Books Aticlix - earnings, overview of functions

With the upgrades, new directions are opening up - Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin. Someone receives money within 24 hours, someone has to wait up to 2 days.

Reviews of the Aticlix box

There is little information about this project in Runet, it is more popular in the burzhunet. On the famous MMGP forum there is a branch where users discuss books. There are a lot of messages with payment screenshots:

Foreign Books Aticlix - earnings, overview of functions

Such reviews of the Aticlix website are the best evidence of the integrity of the service. Plus developers are trying to add new features, spend interesting promotions, distribute bonuses. For example, they recently added the opportunity to buy shares in a project and receive passive dividends from them.

Bucks Aticlix does not offer over-high pay for simple actions, but there are unique features and a profitable affiliate program. For those who prefer to work on foreign sites, this project will be interesting. The main thing to consider is that there are problems for users from Russia, so go directly to the system by changing the IP address.

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