Foreign advertising network Chitika. com. Earnings in burzhunete

Webmasters from Runet often use foreign resources to monetize their sites. In burzhunete several times more services were created for earning on their websites and in this article I would like to tell you about one of them. For site owners created for an English-speaking audience, the described service can be useful.

The project is called, and it is intended for advertising in various formats. Payment is made per click, and ad units can be placed in parallel with the use of other services. The main requirement for sites is daily attendance of at least 50 hosts.

Foreign advertising network Chitika. com. Earnings in burzhunete

Earnings in the burzhunete

Chitika international advertising network. com offers prices slightly lower than those of similar Google Adsense, but on the other hand, this system does not block websites at the same speed as Google’s advertising network does.

I would also like to note that there are many different ad units on this network. An important point is that in order to get access to all advertising materials, you need to use foreign proxies, otherwise you will only have access to a text link.

Foreign advertising network Chitika. com. Earnings in burzhunete

Ads are displayed in accordance with the theme of your resource, and so that they correctly fit into the overall design of the resource, users are invited to customize the appearance and boundaries of ad units.

As for payment, you can withdraw money to the system or receive a check, like in Google Adsense. Given that PayPal is actively distributed in RuNet, you are unlikely to experience difficulties when transferring this currency to a bank card.

Why use this ad network? Now more and more webmasters are trying to make money in burzhunete and specifically create English-language resources. Finding information about foreign advertising services in RuNet is not so easy, but thanks to this article you can learn about a stable and high-quality advertising network.

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