Fool for money with Naduel (closed service)

From December 8, 2013, the Naduel website began to work, where anyone can play popular card games for real money. Despite the long life of the resource, almost 2000 users have already registered to it, who are constantly playing games.

Fool for money - this is one of the types of games that this project offers. The usual rules and the ability to play a fool or transferable fool, both for real money and for interest. All games take place between real people, which speaks of the honesty of the raffles being held.

Fool for money with Naduel (closed service)

Igrdurak was closed.

Play the Fool card game on Naduel. (unfortunately also closed)

Play the fool and get real money

To register on the site, you need to fill in several fields:

Fool for money with Naduel (closed service)

After that, you can immediately create a game or join a game that another user has created. Offers a project Naduel 3 types of games, in addition to the fool, you can play 21 points or a duel, with the rules of these games can be found on the site. In this article, we will look at the game of the fool.

After selecting a game, create a new application and place a bet:

Fool for money with Naduel (closed service)

You can also play the rating points, you can dial them by using games interest, each victory will earn you 3 points, and the minimum wager is 10. If you play for money, the minimum wager will be 10 kopecks.

Fool for money with Naduel (closed service)

The playing field and the rules do not change depending on the choice of the bet. To make sure that you are playing with a real person, you can chat with him in the chat, which is located below the playing field.

If you have a desire to play for real money, then you can use a bonus (issued at registration), win money in a contest, invite friends and receive bonuses depending on their activity (2 levels of referrals 10 and 5 percent ), as well as replenish your account.

For replenishment, you can use any electronic currency, mobile phone balance, bank card, or refill your account in cash through a multi-cashier.

When withdrawing money, you will need to select one of the payment systems, specify the withdrawal amount and the wallet number:

Fool for money with Naduel (closed service)

Pay out the money within 24 hours, the amount must be debited commission 0. 8 percent.

Fool for money with Naduel (closed service)

You will play while sitting at your computer, use this advantage. How? Write on a piece of paper, which cards went off in a call, and thus you will know which cards remained at the end of your opponent.

Also, before you start the game for real money, practice in games for fun. If you decide not just to spend your time pleasantly, but also to make money, treat the game like a job.

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