Fisherbux mailer review, earnings on viewing ads

Another active advertising service that deserves our attention is the Fisherbux service.

This book has an original design, it works for almost 2 years, more than 5,000 users visit it every day, and more than 75,000 participants are registered.

By and large, this mailer is no different from similar resources. In this article we will conduct a full review of the mailer Fisherbucks, we will provide you with instructions for using this service and making money on it.

Fisherbux mailer review, earnings on viewing ads

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Fisherbux earnings

First you need to register, which requires authorization through a Webmoney wallet. After authorization, you will need to provide some information about yourself:

Fisherbux mailer review, earnings on viewing ads

If everything was done correctly, the following message should appear:

Fisherbux mailer review, earnings on viewing ads

Do not forget to follow the link from the letter that was sent to your mail before you try to log in to your account, otherwise authorization will not be possible. To start making money, you need to click on the "Earn" item in the side menu:

Fisherbux mailer review, earnings on viewing ads

As you can see, several types of earnings are offered, let's look at them in more detail.

1. View ads.
One of the easiest ways to make money, in which you just need to visit sites. After going to the "viewing ads" section, scroll down the page, the list of links that are not paid for is presented above:

Fisherbux mailer review, earnings on viewing ads

2. Paid videos.
This kind of income is only on this box. To get money, you need to watch videos.

3. Paid letters.
Almost the same thing as viewing an advertisement, only you will receive special letters with links.

4. Paid communication.
Another option for the allocation of income, which is not on the other boxes. For each message in the chat (more than 10 characters), you get 1 penny.

5. Tasks.
The most productive way to work on mailers. By completing tasks, you can earn much higher amounts than viewing sites, but you will need to leave comments, register, etc.

Fisherbux mailer review, earnings on viewing ads

6 Paid downloads.
Also a simple type of work, downloaded the archive - got money. The larger the archive, the more expensive the payment for downloading.

7. Paid questions.
When completing the tasks in this section, you will be asked questions, and you will need to visit a specific site and find the answer. For example, you may be asked what is depicted in the header of the site, you can get paid after selecting the correct answer option.

8. Autosurfing.
The most common type of earnings on mailers, in which you do not need to do anything. You open a new tab, and your browser automatically visits various sites and you get paid for it.

How much money can you make? It all depends on how hard you work. Withdraw money you can on the payment system Payeer and Webmoney. The minimum amount is only 1 kopeck, so you can check the integrity of the service immediately after registration.

Fisherbux mailer review, earnings on viewing ads

One of the main advantages of mailers is the availability of a profitable referral system. Fisherbux provides convenient functionality for working with referrals. You can set up automatic refback, get auto referrals, as well as use promotional materials to attract them. There are 2 levels of referrals.

How you will use this service, and what method of earnings you choose, decide for yourself. It is best to combine several types of work, for example, looking at sites in surfing, in parallel to perform tasks.

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