Filling groups Vkontakte on the machine

Today, the creation of groups in social networks seems to be a very promising direction for making money on the Internet.

You can develop as many communities as you like from one profile, and if you unwind them, you can gain a lot of subscribers and make them popular , you can install expensive advertising, so it is really profitable.

The only difficulty that most group owners forget is the difficulty of finding content. The community will need to constantly post new posts, and this takes a lot of time.

Filling the Vkontakte groups on the machine is a simple solution for everyone who decides to create a popular community, but does not have the time to fill it.

Filling groups Vkontakte on the machine

How to fill public tables on the machine?

On this topic we already presented useful material Autoposting for Vkontakte groups, where we talked about a paid program and service. Both options are good, but now we will present you 3 more options for auto-filling your communities:

1. Attracting a content manager.
You can transfer the work of filling the group into the hands of a professional. Find a remote artist who will consistently fill the site with information is not difficult, since there are a lot of people who want to do this kind of work.

Use any freelance exchange (FL. Ru,.), The average fee for the post is about 5 rubles. And if you want to save money, find an employee at Wmmail, where many active newcomers work (place an ad in the gazebo).

2. .
In the field of useful software for Vkontakte, studio Viking is the most popular. Especially for group owners, the program Group Builder was developed, which parses records from popular communities to which you link. The only disadvantage of the program is that it is paid, but discounts are periodically available.

It’s easy to use, you just need to add your profile and select a group for posting (any in which you are an administrator). After that, specify the public address from which posts will be copied, and also set filters (for example, copy a post if it has collected 200 likes).

Filling groups Vkontakte on the machine

3. Service
A very useful service for anyone who does not want to fill their groups at all. After registration, here you can specify the addresses of your groups and pay for the services of placing posts in them. Prices are reasonable, as well as many tariffs are provided:

Filling groups Vkontakte on the machine

In the table we have identified the optimal tariff, at which you will have to pay 480 rubles per month. At the same time, your group will be monthly filled with 240 new posts, that is, only 2 rubles per post. The service runs on a full machine, for each group you can separately specify the desired topics of publications.

As you can see, you can configure the filling of the Vkontakte group on the machine, in a huge number of different ways. They all work and the prices are different everywhere, choose the appropriate option and forget about the daily search for interesting posts to add to your groups.

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